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Favorite 4-chair-turn performance (S22)


Choose your favorite!  

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  1. 1. S22

    • Morgan Myles - Hallelujah
    • Omar Cardona - Separate Ways
    • Orlando Mendez - Beer Never Broke My Heart
    • Kevin Hawkins - Isn't She Lovely
    • Andrew Igbokidi - when the party's over
    • Morgan Taylor - Cuz I Love You
    • Parijita Bastola - Jealous
    • bodie - You Found Me
    • Grace Bello - Ghost
    • Kim Cruse - Best Part

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This is one of those instances were almost all the 4 chair turns are actually the best auditions of the season. All are in my top 10 of the season with the exception of Morgan Taylor and Orlando.


1. Parijita

2. Bodie

3. Omar

4. Grace

5. Kim

6. Andrew

7. Morgan M

8. Kevin

9. Orlando

10. Morgan T



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For some reason I thought this season had more 4 chairs than just 10. I'm chalking it up to the preseason hype from y'all clouding my memory 😛 


I'm voting for Bodie, just cause we didn't expect him to be a 4 chair beforehand so that was a pleasant surprise.


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I voted for Omar, but I’d tie him with Parijita. I really, really liked most of these. All but the last 3.


The last 3 are VERY far below the others.

  1. Omar Cardona - Separate Ways: I can't stress how much I adore everything about this. Just perfection, and I love that we have a fantastic rock vocalist this year. Probably my favorite so far this season.
  2. Parijita Bastola - Jealous: Just as stunning, and I wish I could have two #1s. Tied as my favorite this season.
  3. Grace Bello - Ghost: She made me actually like this song. Such a beautiful performance, and I LOVE her tone.
  4. Kim Cruse - Best Part: So jazzy and gorgeous, and she was clearly only giving about 30% of what she has. Can't wait to hear more.
  5. Morgan Myles - Hallelujah: Very beautiful performance, but... I'm getting tired of this song lol
  6. bodie - You Found Me: Beautiful performance, and I like his rockier voice. (I was shocked this got 4 chairs, but I think he deserved it.)
  7. Andrew Igbokidi - when the party's over: Another stunning performance. There were some parts that felt a little pitchy, but when he was on, he was ON. Very emotional and nuanced.
  8. Kevin Hawkins - Isn't She Lovely: It was good. Quite a few parts in the second half where he made stylistic decisions I didn't like. Started off AMAZING in the slow part, but veered off course when the beat picked up. He has an AMAZING voice, though.
  9. Morgan Taylor - Cuz I Love You: I actually think she's a fantastic singer. But this song is notoriously tough to nail, requires a ton of breath control, and it's just not very good for a singing show. I think her performance highlighted all of that. I've never liked a performance of it on one of these shows. I guess "Cuz I Love You" is gonna become the next "That's What I Like."
  10. Orlando Mendez - Beer Never Broke My Heart: He actually has a great voice with a lot of rasp (in a way that sorta-kinda-marginally reminds me of Craig Wayne Boyd). It's just that the song choice didn't do anything for him (and I stress, ANYTHING), and he was straight-up flat on too many notes. Some of it was stylistic, but some of it was just him not hitting the note. No. Just no. But I have faith he can do better later.
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