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American Idol Season 20 Top 20

Idol Maniac

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01. Allegra Miles

02. Ava Maybee

03. Cadence Baker

04. Cameron Whitcomb

05. Christian Guardino

06. Daniel Marshall

07. Elli Rowe

08. Emyrson Flora

09. Fritz Hager

10. Hunter Girl

11. Jacob Moran

12. Jay Copeland

13. Katyrah Love

14. Kezia Istonia (a.k.a. Lady K.)

15. Leah Marlene

16. Mike Parker

17. Nicolina Bozzo

18. Noah Thompson

19. Sage

20. Tristen Gressett




Group 1

1. Danielle Finn

2. Scarlet Ayliz


Group 2

1. Sir Blayke

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1 minute ago, m1key said:

I love how IM always drags out the spoilers by revealing everyone who is safe instead of just revealing the cuts. My patience has thinned from this over the years!!!

right like my anxiety can't handle this

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His most iconic reveal was when he was spoiling the Top 30 of Season 13. It was nail-biting lol. Jillian Jensen was such a polarizing contestant because of her prior appearance on X Factor, and people went crazy when she was announced as the final member of the cast instead of Sarina Joi. Then she turned out to be cannon fodder. 

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1 minute ago, Carrie_On said:

Scarlet’s out. She couldn’t overcome a bad Hollywood Week edit plus a horrible Top 24 song choice. 

Yeah I feel bad for her because I sensed a lot of potential, but at the same time, I feel like she had the chance to overcome that negative Hollywood edit with a stronger Hawaii song choice

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