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Sola watches Australian Survivor


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So I have watched the first season of Australian survivor, which I guess is actually season 3.  Full disclosure I watched some of this season like 5 years ago but I didn't remember much about it.  I want to give a ranking of the cast having now finished the season!  Hoping to continue this for the rest of the seasons!



1. Kristie - I didn't know what to think of her early on.  I sort of wrote her off after episode 2 and her paranoia, breakdown. That said that was one of the most masterful final tribal councils I think I have ever seen.  She was a top favorite of mine from the merge onward.

2. Phoebe - Queen Phoebe.  DIsmantling basically two tribes only to get got by Kristi right before the merge.  Getting Rohan to idol her, and successfully playing her own idol turning a 2-3 person minority to a majority near the end of Vavaus life.

3. Brooke - robbed, but like I really enjoyed watching her beast it.

4. Flick - She was almost kicked off her tribe early in the season to running Saanapu.  After that she turned the game on high and was responsible for a number of the decisions in the game.  She was my predicted winner at one point.

5. Nick - I enjoyed watching him maneuver the game and happy to see he got a spot on the jury.  

6. Jenna-Louise - she fought near the end and was aware of her position in the tribe.  Seeing her win a couple times to prolong her life was fun.

7. Craig - I like him, but seeing him idol'd out was fun to watch

8. Matt - I started liking him more the more I saw him in the season.  I understood where he was coming from when he was talking about his personal stuff.

9. Sue - I found her mostly endearing 

10. Sam - decently likable - slightly gullible, pretty bland

11. Kate - she was fun to watch when she was in power, but I didn't love her or her journey.

12. Rohan - one of my favorites from Aganoa, I liked his back and forth relationship with Phoebe.

13. Kat - watching someone cockroach their was through the game is fun, but Kristie did it better.

14. Lee - I went back and forth on him, but I did like watching him get stomped on by the jury.

15. Kylie - she sort of frustrated me with her whole good guys bit.  She definitely benefited from Saanapu winning all those immunities.  Not a fan but hey she played her way.

16. Connor - sort of default placing.  Didn't love him or hate him!

17. Evan - his early demise is not something I expected, but it was fun.

18. Barry - who?

19. Tegan - who?

20. Peter - meh he left the game.

21. Bianca - at least she fought.

22. El - IDK why she bothered me.  She was incredibly vanilla and left no impression.  I feel like she would have won if she made the Top 2 and bleh.

23. Des - memorable but unlikable first boot.

24. Andrew - seriously unlikable, watching him get voted out was the highlight of my season.


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I haven't watched that season in years, but correct top four. I think I'm lower on Nick and higher on Rohan & Kat, but overall no major complaints. I only watched the first two seasons and this currently airing one in full. I was gonna watch more until they got pulled from Paramount+ for no reason :/.

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Overall I enjoyed the season much more then I enjoyed Season 1.  


1.  Michelle – I really enjoyed Michelle.  From the moment she got swap effed and turned things around on Ben, to her seamlessly sliding between two groups axing whoever she wanted.  She was my winner pick, and sad she didn’t get the win.

2.  Tessa – I really enjoyed Tessa early on and her story was compelling from when she was on the outs of Samatau.  How she successfully played Tarzans idol on herself (only for him to fall on his sword), and then worm her way into a majority on her tribe.  Jericho taking her off the jury was a jerk move!

3.  Jericho – the Candy assassin.  Watching him continually be underestimated was fun. How he masterfully kept Luke and Sarah from slitting each others throats for so long was fantastic. 

4.  Luke – chaotic, and fun to watch.  The self-proclaimed king of the jungle, but he was a little delusional.  The fun ones always are though.

5.  Henry – Him ditching his tribe and leaving Jacqui vulnerable was lulzy and ballsy.  It was also cocky because he thought he could control two tribes.  I liked him in the premerge, but I thought his comeuppance was good.

6.  Locky – I go back on forth on Locky.  I liked him when he was an underdog, but I disliked him in power and when he was barking out orders.  

7.  Anneliese – She interested me in the early game after Samatau voted her out and she was forced to find her bearings on Asaga.  She eventually went back to the people that voted her out though!!! 

8.  Tarzan – I enjoyed watching him for his few episodes and his bond with Tessa. 

9.  Ziggy – had the challenge prowess and the super idol.  I didn’t really like that she nullified Annaliese’ idol, but he she made her move.

10.  Odette – likable and under edited.

11.  Jacqui – I enjoyed watching her in power, but she couldn’t keep the power when Henry was gone.  I think she could have made a dent in the game if Henry didn’t just ditch her.

12.  Tara – I HATED her at the beginning of the game, and then she got voted out…. And I still disliked her.  It was sort of near the end of the season when I started appreciating her more.  Mt problem with Tara is she consistently made bad decisions, so seeing her lose was like seeing writing on the wall.

13.  Sarah – Probably lower then she should be, but I don’t like her stabbing Anneliese in the back and then gunning for Michelle.  Used and abused by Jericho! Was funny to see her bitter towards him at the end and voting for Tara to win.

14.  Jarrad – Meh, AK’s puppet.

15.  Peter – I disliked him at the beginning and I enjoyed his fight at the end.  He was definitely a goat though.

16.  Kent – meh.

17.  Joan – bad puzzle solver but her job of owning an escape room is neat.

18.  Kate – who?

19.  Aimee – The plumber?  Not an overly memorable early boot, was in a majority alliance until AK got the riff raff together to boot her.

20.  Ben – edit made him dumb and gullible, which he was.  Didn’t care for him.

21.  Mark – didn’t like his power duo with Sam, so happy they were out.

22.  Sam – man she was a piece of work.  Pretty annoying when they showed her.  Watching the flip on her was fun.

23.  Adam – the whole Adam vs AK thing seemed really dumb, and didn’t make either of them remotely likable.  Glad he went out early.

24.  AK – insufferable, unlikable and I played way too hard.  Guy should have just chilled out.

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Michelle :wub: :wub: :wub: Such a queen :wub:


I liked Tessa, Annaliese, Locky, and Sarah a lot too I think. Idk I can't remember the season all that well. I also looooooved Tara as a character. As a player, super frustrating, but I think she was such a fascinating character. I liked Jericho & Luke (Jericho more so than Luke) but I was also kinda mixed on them.

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1.  Shonee – I don’t think anyone played a better social game this season, in this series so far then Shonee. Incredibly likable and that helped her weave in and out of positions in the game. When she was on the outs, she wasn’t for exceptionally long. No one ever truly targeted her until the final four.

2.  Sharn – she played the best all around game. Easily the best strategic and physical game of the season. That said she got caught off guard at the final tribal council and it cost her the win. Amazing game player though! Her getting her revenge on Benji was chefs kiss!

3.  Shane – I will say she gave the stronger final tribal council speech. I really loved Shane. Her energy and the whole don’t f#ck with Shane Gould was fun. Learning about her life and all she has accomplished in her six, was one of my favorite parts of her story. Seeing how she evolves from being on the outs with an idol, to the center of an alliance, to winning was a great arc for her.

4.  Benji – I started out disliking Benji because he targeted my favorites and claimed he was the king. Once he got humbled a little bit and made moves, I appreciated he went much higher on my list. He wasn’t misogynistic or problematic like the other guys and produced great plans to keep the season interesting.

5.  Fenella – I really liked Fenella and her goading of Brian. She was targeted a lot throughout the merge, and she continued to get through. Her bond with Shonee aka Shonella was great to watch. They didn’t take themselves too seriously, but that obvious duo continued to advance week in and week out.

6.  Monika – The fact that she got ignored for like fifteen episodes in a row was shitty. I didn’t know who she was even until her face planting segment in that one challenge. She grew on me once she got some screen time. I liked that she continued to try and was in a power position for awhile in the late game. Too bad she couldn’t spin it into getting a little further.

7.  Damien – robbed. Australian Hero. I found him quite likable, and I was sad to see him get booted when he was. Him even being out there with what happened in his life was inspiring and great to watch.

8.  Tegan – Twist one saved her, and she won her way back into the game. Then she gets voted out and is saved by twist two. Girl was lucky, but Benji didn’t let it happen. I liked Tegan and how hard she tried to maneuver herself in the game. She kept it up when she returned too.

9.  Heath – Heath was one of the highlights of the premerge for me. Watching in a spot of power, to losing Tegan, to using his idol to get out Anita. Shame he didn’t last one more week to get to the merge.

10.  Samuel – I liked him after he got away from Russell. The brains of the group, who left after trying to find greener pastures away from the champions in the merge. His demise was his own doing.

11.  Lydia – merge boot. She really was an anchor for the champions tribe a lot of the early game. I think the move to take her out when they did was smart as she could have won so many of those later immunity challenges. I enjoyed her and wished she had a spot on the jury.

12.  Moana – I liked her for the time that she was on the show. Her not feeling  well and leaving confuses me. Mostly up here because I dislike so many other people.

13.  Robbie – he was cute. His little flirt thing with Lydia was fun but otherwise was just Benji’s wingman.

14.  Mat R – I went back and forth on him. Getting a Free idol that he didn’t earn from Moana, only to not use it. Benji getting him taken out was fun. Its weird how much loyalty he inspired from the likes of Steve, Moana, Shane, and Sharn.

15   Jenna – memorable for her ankle injury and continuing to preserve until she couldn’t anymore. She was beastly, and I enjoyed that.

16   Steve W – who? Seriously he made final seven and he had like five confessionals all season.

17.  Anita – I also wanted to like Anita, as she was the center of the girl power on the contenders tribe. But I just didn’t. Her falling so hard for Benji’s rouse and axing Tegan as a result was bad.

18.  Jackie – I wanted to like Jackie as she was a poker player. I expected strong strategic plays and she never really gave me any of them besides the Damien blindside, which sucked.

19.  Steve K – he was odd, but I found some of his approaches interesting. I didn’t like that he decided he needed to be one of the bro’s, as that brought him down for me.

20.  Paige – almost voted out at the beginning but cockroaches her way to near the middle of the game before finally getting out on the contenders side. She was boring.

21.  Matt D – what is with these guys being anti-women? That was his schtick too for one whole episode. Glad we didn’t have to endure that season long.

22.  Zach – misogynist, I hated how he always wanted to target the “weak” girls, only for the two of them to both make the Top 6 and he didn’t even make the merge.

23.  Brian – rude, unlikable, and shown in every negative light possible. I don’t think he could have beat any of the final six at the end despite playing a strong physical and strategic game.

24.  Russell – the dread I felt seeing him on my screen again. I hate how he had more confessionals in two episodes then like 2/3rds of the cast. Going home with an idol in his pocket thinking he was controlling everything was glorious.


@Alex95 @Zoey

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So I really enjoyed this season as a whole.  Smart moves, and my favorites went a long way.


1.  Pia - Smiling Assassin.  She was my fav pretty early on.  Janine constantly mentioning how deadly she was sort of made me think she would win.  Loved seeing her journey.  I was not to enthused to review after that she was bullied by fans.  -_-  Shes probably my favorite winner from the first 4 seasons.

2.  Janine - The godmother herself <3.  She really had no business getting as far as she did with the target on her back.  I loved her and Pia together though.

3.  Abbey - The third member of our trio.  I really liked how she didn't like her spot on the Athlete 7 and changed to be with the people she did like.  She was overly emotional but endearing.

4.  Luke - getting swap effed 2-7 and then dismantling them from within, that was great to watch.  I liked him as much as I did on his first season but I don't appreciate his fans attacking my girl pia! Extra points for making it so I didn't have to see the Athelete 7 in the majority

5.  Shaun - Best contender easily.  He was likable and a threat and didn't make it far enough for me to turn on him. His anti David bit with the fake idol was fun.

6.  Daisy - she's kinda dumb for letting Luke and David sway her on the swap tribe to get into a majority.  I think if she took them out she makes a deep run in the game.

7.  John - Mexican Parma.  He is obsessed.  I assume this is a mexican version of a chicken parmesan. That said, likable guy and pretty beastly in challenges.

8.  David - I really liked him at the start.  Then he got power hungry and the whole golden god thing started rubbing me the wrong way.  Still here for her first half the season.

9.  Ross - Another flipper ❤️  Sucked seeing him medevac.

10.  Sarah - Her story was really touching and seeing her overcome PTSD from the tsunami during that one challenge broke my heart for her.  

11.  Casey - got screwed with the tribe swap, I commend her for working every angle she could though.

12.  Anastasia - memorable first boot.

13.  Baden - pretty neutral on Baden as a whole.  Congrats on playing the finals so terribly that Pia won unanimously.

14.  Simon - who?  Total 7th Steve treatment from last season.  Cute though.

15.  Hannah - who?  Swap tribe screwed.

16.  Sam - who?  Irrelevant blonde.

17.  E.T. - one of the last standing of the Athlete loyalists.  He was not overly useful as the Champions couldn't win with her strength.  Don't hate him though.

18.  Laura - first contender boot.  I understand the boot, but she prob got a raw deal.

19.  Nova - Props to her for saving Pia week 1 and changing the vote.  Her sticking up for steve though in week 3 was not a good look.

20.  Susie - most worthless Champion over 2 seasons?  I think so!

21.  Harry - Dirty Harry.  Not a fan, but he did play well,

22.  Steven - Annoying, made the Athletes alliance and then called Pia week!

23.  Matt - this guy.... awful, douche, boastful.  Seeing him get his torched snuffed was great.

24.  Andy - I really dislike this guy. Wanted to be the best survivor player ever.  All he did was lie and make continuous mistakes.  Him getting the merge boot and not even a spot on jury was fantastic.  Suck it Andy!



Winner rankings:

1. Pia

2. Kristi

3. Jericho

4. Shane


That said, I do like every winner! Which is something I can't say for the american show.

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1.  Shonee – goddess, hands down my favorite Australian Survivor player.  Her social game is unmatched.  Her revenge storyline about voting out everyone who sent her to exile was amazing.  She won two immunities, orchestrated moves and is a fan favorite. She also found an idol and took Henry out!

2.  Brooke – I liked brooke her first season, but I really enjoyed her underdog story this time.  She won 5 individual immunities (one was premerge), and was the last standing of her alliance. Her storyline of axing flick as payback for season 1 was fun.  I was rooting for her to win after Shonee left. Too bad she used her idol on David so early.

3.  Phoebe – ugh robbed goddess a second time.  Seriously these people suck for cutting her perjury again!!!

4.  Nick – Nick aligning with Phoebe and Shonee being his spirit animal?  Werk Nick! 

5.  Sharn – terrible game, but I like her.  She needed to move against David and she handed him a win.  Her lying to Brooke, AK and Shonee at the Top 8 was not a good look for her game.

6.  Locky – Mr. Bachelor.  His dominating alliance with Brooke on Vakuuma was great. 

7.  Michelle – ugh sad seeing her in a minority and ousted so early.  I live for her first game though.

8.  Flick – her being in good spirits in the finale and after brookes blindside of her makes me still appreciate her.

9.  Zach – Easily the biggest jump of the season.  He was not a misogynistic d-bag this time.  Had some times where he was likable.

10.  Jericho – Robbed winner #1, at least he still has 500k.

11.  Shane – Robbed winner #2, at least she still has 500k.

12.  Harry – here because of his choice in allies, still don’t care for him!

13.  Tarzan – I had favorable opinions of him in his first season after he gave up his game for Tessa.  He was just a sheep this time though, and that was unfortunate.

14.  Moana – played a fantastic game, but I didn’t like her.

15.  David – his dark turn this season.  He probably has the most dominate Australian Survivor winners game, but he was just shoved down my throat too much for me to get behind him.

16.  AK – disliked him less this time, and at least he was aligned with my girls.

17.  Lee – sad for his personal situation that caused him to leave the game.  Still not someone I was rooting for.

18.  Daisy – she was right with her targeting, but David gutted her.

19.  John – Mexican parma, all I remember about him this time.

20.  Henry – Shonee’s idol casualty <3.  Happy I didn’t get all 4 macho bro’s deep.

21.  Jacqui – had no reason to be in all-stars, but her Zach blindside was fun.

22.  Abbey – biggest fall.  Her woman hating ways this time was not cute. 

23.  Lydia – insufferable woman hater, get owned.

24.  Mat – man I really disliked him this time.  Him lasting until almost merge was not fun at all.  Glad Vakuuma got him though.

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