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Favorite guest performances by voice alumnis

Hamza Tufail

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Mine is Chris Blue's Humanity. Maybe a stretch but I like this more than anything he did on the voice.





Jordan - Stand in the light/O Holy Night

Cassadee Pope - Invincible

Danielle Bradbery - Heart Of A Dixie

Jaquie Lee - Broken ones

Maelyn - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

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I remember this performance happened on that brutal Cross Battles' results night.  Thanks God Brynn saved the night for being absolutely tragic. 


I remember being on a dark place at the time due to struggling hard with college. This performance made me cry, i mean, just listen to these lyrics, uff. People can say what they want about her, but this girl is hella talented


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Count me as another one that didn´t enjoy Brynn´s run on the show, but think her guest performances after were really good, especially the Cross Battles one.


Jordan´s "O Holy Night" and "Stand in the Light" were great as well. I really enjoyed Sawyer´s "Take it On" as well.


I need Cam to come back once he releases something, hopefully, so that we can see him on this stage with a live audience.

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