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Rank Team John Post Blinds


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56 minutes ago, Cookie73 said:

1. Samuel Harness

2. Brittany Bree

3. Shadale Johnson

4. Samara Brown

5. Joshua Vacanti

6. Keliah Grace

7. Jonathan Mouton

8. Paris Winningham

9. KJ Jennings

10. Jack Rogan

11. Janora Brown

12. Sabrina Dias

Swap Shadale and Brittany and I agree with this.


A more “indie” leaning Team Legend than I’m used to (Samuel, KJ, Jack, and Sabrina all can pull from that sort of sound), but there’s a healthy dose of R&B in there. One of the better teams John has pulled together in terms of people I enjoyed (I actually liked everyone we got to see in full 💀) We’ll see if it lasts.

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1. Samuel Harness

2. Samara Brown

3. Shadale



4. Brittany Bree

5. Paris Winningham



6. Jonathan Mouton

7. Keilah Grace

8. Joshua Vacanti

9. KJ Jennings



10. Janora Brown

11. Jack Rogan

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