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The Voice Coach Saves Battle


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Team Adam

Casey Weston

Katrina Parker

Melanie Martinez

Sarah Simmons

Will Champlin

Kat Perkins

Chris Jamison

Brian Johnson

Amy Vachal

Owen Danoff

Brendan Fletcher

Mark Isaiah

Adam Cunningham

Jackie Verna

Tyke James


Myracle Holloway

Allegra Miles

Ben Allen

Dana Monique


Team Kelly

Frenchie Davis

Ashley De La Rosa

Adriana Louise

Garrett Gardner

Josh Logan

Dani Moz

Ryan Sill

Rob Taylor

Korin Bukowski

Bryan Bautista

Darby Walker

Troy Ramey

Ashland Craft

D.R. King

Kymberli Joye

Jej Vinson

Shane Q

Megan Danielle

Cami Clune

Gihanna Zoe


Team John



Cody Belew

Josiah Hawley

Kat Robichaud

TJ Wilkins

Sugar Joans

Koryn Hawthorne

Mark Hood

Emily Keener


Stephanie Rice

Shi'Ann Jones

Christiana Danielle


Celia Babini

Will Breman

Zan Fiskum

Tamara Jade

Pia Renee



Team Blake


Jordis Unga

Michaela Paige

Swon Brothers

Ray Boudraux

Jake Worthington

Jessie Pitts

Hannah Kirby

Emily Ann Roberts

Paxton Ingram

Courtney Harrell


Chloe Kohanski

Spensha Baker

Dave Fenley

Oliv Blu

Cali Wilson

Toneisha Harris

Jim Ranger

Jordan Matthew Young



Format - 


Battles - 10 per team plus a Save and a steal


Knockouts - 12 per team plus a steal and save. 6 move on with the steal and save


Playoffs - 8 per team, 4 will move on


Top 16 - the bottom 4 will be eliminated 


Top 12 - Bottom 2 will be eliminated 


Top 10 - bottom 2 will be eliminated 


Top 8 - Bottom 2 will be eliminated 


Top 6 - 1 will be eliminated


Top 5 - 1 will be eliminated


Top 4 - Finale - Duet, Solo and Original



There will be themes when I figure them out. If there are any themes, you guys want to see let me know

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Team Adam: Adam Cunningham vs Ben Allen - Wave on Wave



Adam: This is a tough pairing but I will have to pick Ben Allen


*Awkward silence while no one steals or saves*


Carson: Thank you for joining the show Adam Cunningham but your going home.

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Team Kelly: Darby Walker vs Cami Clune - Brand New Key




Kelly: I love both of your voices but one of you stood out more for me which is why I have to pick Cami Clune


Carson: Darby Walker, Thank you for joining but your going home.

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Team Blake: Emily Ann Roberts vs Paxton Ingram - 10,000 Hours



Blake: Both of you had so much potential in the lives but I have to go with Emily Ann Roberts


Carson: Paxton, Thank you for joining but your going to be going home.

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Team Adam: Melanie Martinez vs Will Champlin - Leave a Light On


Adam: WOW you guys SLAYED THIS SONG, I gotta pick Will Champlin since this song was geared more to you


But, I Save Melanie Martinez


Carson: You're staying on Team Adam #TeamAdam

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Team John: Sa'Rayah vs Shi'Ann Jones - When You Believe



John: This was a nice duet between you two but I gotta go with my girl Sa'Rayah


Carson: Sorry Shi'Ann Jones, but you're heading home. Thank you for participating on the show.

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