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Thevoiceisthetop's S20 contestant rankings


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My top 20

1 Raine Stern 

2 Jose Figueroa Jr.

2: Pia Renee

4 Zae Romeo

5 Bradly Sinclair

6 Jorden Matthew Young

7  Savanna Woods

8  Dana Monique 

9 Cory Ward

10 Rio Doyle

11 Pete Mroz

12 Cam Anthony 

13 Gihanna Zoe

14 Ryleigh Modig

15 Halley Grag

16 Lindsay Jones

17 Awari

18 Keegan Ferral

19 Conner Christian 

20 Deion Warror



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If anyone wants to rank the contestants by team, imma list out (this is not a ranking) the Contestants on each team during the blinds 


Team Kelly


Kenzie Wheeler

Gihanna Zoe 

Corey Ward

Ryleigh Modig - Stolen by John in the Knockouts

Anna Grace - Stolen by Blake in the Knockouts

Savanna Woods

Gean Garcia - Stolen by John in the Battles

Halley Greg


JD Casper


Team Legend


Victor Solomon

Pia Renee

Zania Alake

Carolina Rial

Rio Doyle

Ciana Pelakai

Christine Cain

Durrel Anthony

Deion Warren

Denisha Dalton


Team Nick


Rachel Mac

Dana Monique

Andrew Marshall - Stolen by Blake in the Battles and then given back in the Knockouts

Jose Figueroa Jr. 

Devan Blake Jones

Zae Romeo - Stolen by Kelly in the Knockouts

Raine Stern


Bradley Sinclair

Lindsay Joan


Team Blake


Cam Anthony

Jordan Matthew Young

Pete Mroz

Emma Caroline 

Keegan Ferrel - Stolen by Nick in the Battles

Avery Roberson - Stolen by Kelly in the Battles

Ethan Lively

Connor Christian

Aaron Konzelman

Savanna Chestnut







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