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Best Knockout Episode  

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  1. 1. I compiled some of the BEST knockout / cross battle eps since S15.

    • Season 20 Knockouts Ep1 (Corey, Ryleigh, Jordan, Pia, Dana, Victor, Gean, Andrew, Pete)
    • Season 19 Knockouts Ep2 (Desz, Sid, Jim, Bailey, Lauren, Ian, Madeline, Joseph, Carter, Chloe)
    • Season 18 Knockouts Ep1 (Joei, Levi, Megan, CammWess, Mike, Roderick, Darious, Todd T, Zan, Joana)
    • Season 18 Knockouts Ep2 (Mandi C, Thunderstorm, Micah, Taylor, Arei, Mandi T, Allegra, Toneisha, Cedrice, Samantha, Michael)
    • Season 17 Knockouts Ep1 (Cali, Marina, Jake, Katie, Max Boyle)
    • Season 17 Knockouts Ep3 (Rose, Shane, Jake, Will, Kat, Hello Sunday, Alex)
    • Season 17 Knockouts Ep4 (Ricky Braddy, Preston, Marybeth, Gracee, Damalli, Myracle)
    • Season 16 Cross Battles Ep2 (Jej, LB, Rebecca, Beth, Gyth, Andrew, Kalvin, Kendra)
    • Season 16 Cross Battles Ep1 (Maelyn, Rod, Kim, Matthew, Domenic, Dexter, Presley, Oliv, Celia, Betsy)
    • Season 15 Knockouts Ep1 (Tyke, Kymberyli, Zaxai, Natasha, Mackenzie, RADHA, Reagan, SandyRedd, Patrique, Funsho)
    • Season 15 Knockouts Ep3 (Chevel, Sarah, DeAndre, Kennedy, Kirk, Steve, Michael, Chris)
    • Both Option #10 & Option #5

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7 hours ago, FloorWax said:

Torn between S15 and S20 premieres. I'll vote later.

Same ! I would add S13 premiere too (even tho I only remember Chloe and Ashland right now without checking Wikipedia lmao)

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