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Strongest Teams Post Blinds


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Feel like this may have been a discussion before but its always cool to see peoples opinions....


There were always those teams that you saw after blinds that were just stacked beyond compared to other team.

 Couple Teams that stick out to me.


Team Miley Season 13 (Chloe, Addison, Brooke, Janice, Moriah, Ashland, Karly...This team was insane

Team Kelly Season 15 (Sandy, Kimberly, Chevel, Sarah Grace, just remember it being stacked)

Team Blake Season 18 (Todd, Toniesha carried that team alone, Joanna made it a huge threat when she joined, loved the other Todd and Joei too)

Team Adam Season 4 (Sasha Allen, Janet, Sarah, etc

Team Adam Season 5 (Queen Tess, James, Will, Preston, Ashley Dubose, Donna Allen that was stacked) This might be the strongest team ever on the voice IMO

Team Adam Season 6 (Remember this being such a huge threat like he had Josh, Christina Grimmie, Delvin, Kat Perkins

Team Adam Season 7

Team Adam Season 9 (his team had like six 4 chair turns including Jordan and Shelby)

Team Christina Season 5 and 10

Team Alicia Season 12

Team John Season 17 and 18

Pharrell Season 8 - (sawyer, mia, meghan, kimberly, ashley, caitlin, that crooner....)

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Agree with Legend S17-18, Miley S13 Adam S5 and S9, and Christina on S10.


I have to add Pharrell´s S7 and S8´s blind teams. They were insane as well. 


Also Alicia on S14. A stacked team.


Gwen on S17 as well. She didn´t have any four chair turns but her battles spoke for themselves.

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Miley Team 13

she had chloe, addison, brooke, janice, moriah, ashland AND KARLY). Janice and Addison were my 2 favs that season, with Brooke and Chloe shortly behind.

- most of the battle and knockout steals came from her team

Team Legend Season 17

A team with Katie Kaden, Marybeth, Will, Max Boyle, Mendeleyev, Preston, AND Khlea)

Katie was my favorite that season, and I also really liked Max and Mendeleyev...

Team Kelly Season 15 and Season 16 and Season 19 as well

S15 she had SandyRedd, Kymberyli, Chevel, Sarah Grace, Cody Ray...this was a stacked stacked team. I also really liked Claire DeJean and One Up...and when Zaxai and Natasha joined her team it became even stronger)

S16 was absolutely insane, but she managed to get rid of her two frontrunners. She had JEJ, RIZZI, MIKAELA, REBECCA, BETH, PRESLEY, and when she stole Matthew and Rod that upped her team even more)

Her team in Season 19 was my favorite! Kelsie, Marisa, Desz, Ryan and Madeline were AMAZING! So good...and when she also had Cami this team was literally insane. I was so sad that Ryan got kicked out bc I WAS SURE HE WAS GONNA GET SECOND BEHIND CARTER 

Team Adam Season 5 and Season 9

Team Christina Season 5, 8 and 10.

Team Gwen Season 12 

Team Alicia all seasons

Team Blake Season 18

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the one that immediately comes to mind to me is alicia season 14


terrence cunningham

christiana danielle

jackie foster

johnny bliss

kelsea johnson

britton buchanan


i know this is before the playoffs but this was STACKED. i could make an argument for any of them to go through imo

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