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Anaya Cheyenne Fan Thread


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Who else thought her BA yesterday amazing for her age? I saw her a much better Hello Sunday and given Kelly managed to take them so long last season, I think Anaya has a promising future in this show! I'm rooting for her not only making it too far, but even in the finale like Kennedy and breaking the curse of a AA woman not winning his whole show!


I hope she controls her runs, otherwise she will end up like Shi'Ann. But Anaya has the looks, charisma, voice, original song selection and her best shot at taking it all is that she's a teen, which gives her high odds of being at least in the finale!

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Holy Mackerel, Cows & anything else you want to mention... that was gorgeous (sounded SO pretty) and SO beautifully done, SO well done❗  WOW, impressive 👍👍 


Anaya deserved to stay & move on, hands down.

Sure, going follow her time on the show... it'll like be a long run.

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