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Australian Survivor Discussion Thread


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Well that was a fantastic ending to a pretty predictable season. The jury’s love for Kristie and her genuine emotion with her family at the final tribal council was everything. 

Kristie is a fantastic winner to what started off a great season. The middle and towards the end was pretty painful because of Lee and El, and Flick burning too many bridges for anyone to take seriously. I’m hoping the next season is better as I’ve enjoyed it overall.


01. Kristie - She owned the final tribal and I found myself rooting for her the entire way through. Underdog goddess who fought and completely decimated Lee. I can only stan.

02. Flick - I started off disliking her but she was one of the only ones to play the game and explore all routes. I wish she had thought about flipping earlier than she did but I want her on a future All Stars season.

03. Savage Sue - She took no sh*t off anyone and didn’t care who she piped up to. Absolute queen!

04. Nick - I loved Nick and didn’t think she got a fair shot overall. He was an extremely smart player. 
05. Brooke - Silent assassin. I wish Flick had flipped on Lee/El and not Brooke because it didn’t help her in the long run.

06. Matt - I didn’t like Matt at the beginning but I enjoyed his fight towards the end of his journey. I wish he had cemented his place in a strong alliance but everyone flipped at any point so that would’ve been difficult.
07. Kat - Lovable dictator.

08. Phoebe - I’m not head over heels but I appreciate she played the game aggressively. That’s what we’re used to with the US version. 

09. Kylie - You could tell how genuine and happy she was in real life because it translated in to her time on the show. Again, I wish she cemented herself in alliances more because the all female alliance would’ve been amaaaaaaaazing. Someone else I would like to return. 

10. JL - I couldn’t stand her when she was with Craig, but she was a fighter and did great in the challenges.

11. Conner - He was so cute and awkward.

12. Kate - I wish she would’ve been open to other alliances because she could’ve gone so much further.

13. Andrew - He was miserable but I liked that he played the game.

14. Bianca - Went too soon.

15. Peter - He was such a nice guy. 

16. Des - Such a grumpy old man. He didn’t care at all which made me laugh.

17. Barry - Who?

18. Tegan - She was against Nick so she’s low.

19. Rohan - Absolute buffoon.
20. Evan - No thanks.
21. El - She didn’t do anything. She rode coattails to the end. She just acted like a robot. Boring. 
22. Craig - Urgh.
23. Lee - His attitude towards anyone wanting to play the game or wanting the money was his downfall and I was here for it. He was ignorant and arrogant. Thanks JL. 
24. Sam - His attitude and the way he spoke about people was horrible. I don’t even think he’d watched the show or what he was doing. He came across as an absolute idiot. 

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