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Twitter: https://twitter.com/MaddiePoppe?ref_src=tws...7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maddiepoppe/?hl=en

Official Music Website: http://maddiepoppe.com/?fbclid=IwAR2JOv2Bt...ItVY0pb7Tju5kdg

My sister Hayley and I (I'm in the green Maddie shirt. lol) met the Top 6 of ABC AI 2018 last year during the tour stop in Munhall AKA Pittsburgh, PA! :wub:B)

IPB Image

Oh, and quick note about the meet and greet. Hayley and I uh... Hugged them all, and Gabby was originally standing beside me. lol Maddie must've asked her if she could stand by me instead during the photo op. :w00t: :teehee:
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Aw thats so sweet of Maddie!


I am glad she has a thread on here again now!! She's very talented.

That's not all from my time at the concert! She also singled me out on stage as the only Maddie shirt wearing fan by saying "I can see one Maddie shirt in the crowd..."


Now I doubt I was the only one, but 1. It was Gabby's hometown show. and 2. At the meet and greet she said she liked my shirt. lol :wub:



I know I made quite a few fan threads, but it felt weird seeing her original one go...




Maddie is my favorite winner, since she’s the only winner that I picked from the beginning (in this case, during the Top 14 round, when she sang “Homeward Bound”).

I wish all of her AI performances were available to download somewhere in the form of a studio recording. She had so many cool song choices during her run on the show! :thumbs:

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It irks me that she fell off the face of the earth she deserved so much better her album is pretty good too.

THIS. :|



It sucks because AI16 was sooo popular yet Gabby's the only one getting good promo from the show and her label... :rolleyes:



Nothing against Gabby by the way. She was nice when I met her and her voice is great! It just bothers me when the winners/other alumni get treated like crap! :(


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I really like Maddie's album a lot, I haven't listened to all the winner's post-Idol debuts, but I think Maddie's is definitely one of the best ones, if not maybe the best one. Every song is solid and the cover artwork is really cool and unique too.




I haven't liked a winner's debut since Kris Allen's... So it's been awhile! lol



I like that she had a fan draw her album cover. Very cool of her! :wub:

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