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*** Damali Fan Thread ***


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Right about the time the site went south, I had said this in the original thread. Now, I can put it here :) I went back (so to speak) and listened to Damali's Knockout. I will admit, I am that much more impressed because of her age... her voice is very well developed for 16. Aside from that... the quality of her voice, how well she can play it, the qualities in her voice... Damali is definitely one to watch & expect to do well on the show; the potential IS there. I, for one, am VERY keen to see how well she does do, long-term. She may well surprise a lot of people before this is done. Good there is, still, a thread for her, again 👍👍


In other words, Damali is very good & capable, I'm rooting for her & reckon she will do well.


At least the forum is, still, live and our acc'ts intact. Must look for the bright side whilst, pining a bit.

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I love her song tonight. She was a bit nervous but did what she could and she's in the top 2 best performances of Team Kelly. :)





Here's how to vote for Damali :sorcerer:








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