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  1. I'm late to the party. Pia dropped out?? Is Ryleigh back??
  2. Is Chayce singing "Fire Away" now? Billboard said he picked "Colder Weather"
  3. So now that we are moving into the Top 10 on Sunday May 2rd. How will eliminations work moving forward, assuming they have to tape Monday's performance show on Sunday night? Sunday 5/2 - Top 10 perform and a few get eliminated at the end of the show (Let's say hypothetically 2 go and we have a Top 8 Monday 5/3 - Top 8 perform (with overnight voting) Sunday 5/9 - 1 gets eliminated based on Monday 5/3 votes and 1 gets eliminated after the show based on the 5/9 performances? Can anyone provide clarity?
  4. Too bad, I thought TIP actually found Bobby Bones
  5. So basically, the show is renewed for Season 20 and it will be BIG!!!! They are going to either hire an additional celebrity judge to match Ariana's hire on The Voice (4 judges) Wyatt Pike will be allowed back next year.
  6. Maybe Luke won't be back. So he will be permanent
  7. The Theme for Monday May 3rd is Justin Bieber music.
  8. I think the Top 5 of Mexican Idol and Canadian Idol from last season are going to be part of a Comeback Special on Monday May 3rd. The top vote getter will make it a Top 12 and merge with the current contestants.
  9. My guess is that 4 people will be in the finale this season.
  10. So on Sundays, they eliminate contestants during the show (based on Mondays votes) and again after the show? (based on the current show?) I know they are doing the Sunday show live at 5pm PST, then tape the Monday show right after. Seems like a lot! Especially for people voted off "see you later, we hate another episode to tape right now!
  11. I'm confused - how do that automatically make it. We still need to hear about Mary Jo, Hannah, Beane and Hunter. Anyone can make it at this point.
  12. He told this to you privately? I don't see this anywhere
  13. One of the crew members spoiled that he's been rehearsing "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?" as his first performance.
  14. What are the groups for? I thought you said Top 24 is only one week and there are celeb duets too
  15. Then it wouldnt be Celebrity duets, rather Celebrity trios etc
  16. He stated "celebrity" duets meaning with famous artists and not each other.
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