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  1. Save Love the Way You Lie Part II & Stupid In Love Cut Pour It Up & What Now
  2. You have no reason to apologize to me. Thank you for caring, standing up for me, and being the best friend in the world.
  3. I will bring back Cinderella.
  4. Oh my, I am sorry about that. Yes, I'm sure your feeling is right based the comments I posted on all of them on here. Ooh I can't actually remember LaToya and Taylor's duet... but I can remember a purple jacket! 004. Elliott Yamin: In hindsight, I shouldn't have predicted Katharine when Elliott hadn't shown up, because I've thought for awhile that she was your S5 favorite. I had no idea who to guess, so I just went with the majority. Silly me. Now I get the clue and it's clever! I am familiar with Elliott's music and know those songs, but I wouldn't have thought of that off the top of my head. Anyway, I love Elliott and he is/was my favorite of the season. It's hard for me to say for sure at this point in time, but probably still is. I do remember him being one of my little underdogs and I was so happy with how well he did. I loved his first semis performance so much. I also remember him being diabetic and deaf in one ear, and of course remember his momma. It's funny you mention the Brittenum twin complaining that Elliott wasn't around to rehearse after previously mentioning that Elliott claimed to never rehearse. I would say that's why as (as a joke) he wasn't around but ugh, so sad about his mom. I didn't remember that happening to her at that time. I loved a lot of his performances in the finals and have a soft spot for If Tomorrow Never Comes. I don't know why. I know he had better. But yess A Song For You was such an amazing moment for him. Aww I loved Home too. I agree that Top 4 was incredible for him and he killed it on both songs! If I Can Dream is also one of my top favorites from him. Yeah, I was sad his run ended at Top 3 and agree with a lot of what you said on those performances. At the same time, it was so amazing for him to get that far on nothing but his pure talent and ability. I bought his first two albums (plus a Christmas one) and absolutely ADORE Wait For You. I love a number of other songs too, but love that song so so much. It's been awhile, so time to go listen again. Ahhh I don't know how to predict. You saying your #1 is cemented in stone.... for some reason makes me think it's either Kelly or Katharine, but then doesn't necessarily mean I think they're the Top 2 together. I don't really see Kelly coming in at #3 though, but also not sure I could see a Kelly/Tamyra Top 2, although that would be something. I guess I'll predict Tamyra #3 as a safe choice. @Crisis
  5. I understand you only said it as a response, but because it was said, it made me wonder if that meant the choices were personally against me. Now that I asked, I know the answer. Otherwise, I would have just assumed it was personal (because that's how I read it), so I would figure it's better to at least get clarity than go around assuming the worst. I don't want to speak for Wally, but I know he didn't name anyone specific, and just saw a lot of my favorites being cut and felt bad for me. Yes, he does know this. I'm not sure what you mean by never extended that offer because we never made any deals outside of that. I have done favors for other rankers and am always willing to return them. I feel I have to defend myself as well with the accusations that I am targeting specific people's favorites because that is also not fair or true. Wally is so protective of me because he knows how much this affects me on a personal level. I'm not sure anyone else gets it because I try to stay silent most of the time, but I have voiced before how much it upsets me for people to constantly criticize my choices. You may not mind when others come at you, but I do. I guess I am too sensitive for these games. I don't even do the full nominations or cuts I want most of the time because I am constantly try to not make anyone hate me. I have literally been in tears over insulting things people have said to me in these games. I nearly didn't even play in because of horrible experiences in past games, but Steven really wanted me to. I also do not think I should have to feel bad, guilty, like I have horrible taste, the worst favorites, etc. for making choices that are opposite of other people's.
  6. My only issue here was wondering if the decisions were personal because of the posts I saw following them up. I understand they were responses to his comments, but that doesn't mean the thoughts wouldn't exist if he hadn't posted. I had no idea if that meant you were all actually retaliating against me and the fact that people responded to him simply brought that to light. However, you said that was not the case, so I can accept it and that is fine. I am not hurt by the nominations or cuts because, like I said, I know we have different favorites.
  7. Mushu I love Mushu and don't want to cut him, but he is against one of my immunities, so since I will save her, that makes him cut by default. Mushu is a Chinese dragon and self-appointed guardian of Fa Mulan in the movie Mulan. He was previously the guardian spirit of the Fa family, before being demoted to incense burner and gong-ringer for the deceased Fa ancestors. This was the result of him failing to protect a family member, Fa Dong, which lead to the solder's death. Mushu's reputation is tainted because of this and the oldest ancestors refuse to even recognize him as a real dragon. Mushu seems to be somewhat invincible, as he survives explosions, being stomped on, and an avalanche. Mushu follows Mulan on her journey into war with the intent of not only bringing her home safe and sound, but making her a war hero. Unfortunately, he initially puts her life more at risk in the process. However, in the end, we all know Mulan is deemed as the bravest warrior of China, and Mushu is able to regain his role as the family guardian, due to his assistance of Mulan. Mushu is a wonderful addition to this movie and it's a real shame they decided to cut him out of the live action movie. I do not understand why they would do that at all. Saving: Marie
  8. Okay. Wally is only standing up for me because he knows how terrible the comments in here make me feel every time I nominate and completely ruin any fun I have of playing a game. He knows how much I struggle with nominations and the fear that people are going to hate me for it (which comes out in the comments nearly every time) He knows that I have avoided nominating characters like David and Lock Shock and Barrel (who other rankers told me I should nominate), purely because I didn't want to upset their biggest fans. And he knows that I didn't nominate Mama Imelda this time and nominated a character I liked instead. I know I don't have to do any of this and don't expect any favors (which is why I have not announced this), but I only say it now as some examples of how I hate upsetting people, even though I know most of those same people won't hesitate to cut my favorites anyway. It is solely me trying not to anger people because I care too much about what everyone else thinks and their feelings. I know I nominated characters some of you love because it is impossible to avoid. You all nominate characters I love too and have from the start, so I don't get why I must be continually called out when I don't criticize any of you. As I said, I accept the nominations because we have different favorites and don't take it personally or make the nominator feel like a horrible person because of it (which is literally how I feel every time). Of course I'm sad seeing my favorites cut, but I did not feel it was personal until the follow-up comments made it seem so. However, Megan has now said it was not, so I will believe that.
  9. Thank you. This is very nice of you to say.
  10. That is good to know. I don't know what this means, as I never said anything about expecting you to find favorites and avoid them. I expect them to be nominated because we have different preferences and that is fine. But I can also expect some respect for a difference of opinion, which I do not always feel from people in this game.
  11. I'm going to assume these are exaggerations because I doubt I nominated all of anyone's favorites and if so, I'm sorry, but I don't know everyone's entire list of top favorites, and even if I did.... I can't avoid everyone else's favorites or I'd have to nominate only my own (and most of you are already doing that). I do know I left Mama Imelda alone and nominated a character I like instead. It's sad to see a lot of characters I love cut this round, but I was not upset with anyone or offended by it, as I know we have different preferences. However, bringing up my previous noms and the gang up of accusations makes me feel that it was all done in spite (aside from Nico, who clearly changed the cut for me and was very kind to do so) and like I am being punished for being a horrible person with my nominations, even though you all target my favorites every time too. My noms are still never personal, and I will give the benefit of the doubt that none of this was either, but it's hard to feel otherwise when my literal favorite character is cut and then followed up with posts like these.
  12. I only nominate characters I am least attached to, as I assume we all do. You have also nominated characters I love from the beginning, but I accept it as us having opposite favorites, so it is what it is. I don't know why I have to be called out and made to feel bad with my nominations every single round.... I always feel I have to leave this thread in fear of getting hate whenever I post noms of characters I don't care as much for. I don't want to make this dramatic or too deep, but I honestly get terrible anxiety from the things some of you say and how you make me feel so awful just for having different opinions.
  13. I love them both, but Thumper is my actual favorite so thanks for trying to protect him and to Nico as well for changing the cut. This was really sweet to see.
  14. Ohh okay. An inside joke between you and Simon. Glad we mostly agree! And yay for David squared. 005. LaToya London: To reference your clue, at least she is not the one left behind for you! She was my favorite of the "three divas" as well. I was always impressed by her from the first semi-finals performance where I (and most of us) had no idea where she came from. Yay for her representing your hometown! "I’d like to pretend Kamaria Ousley never existed" I have no memory of her, so works for me. You naming all LaToya's performances here reminds me just how consistent she was. I don't think there was a single one I didn't enjoy... except maybe Love You Inside Out. I think all the rest were very strong. It is a shame she was eliminated when she was, although we have very different opinions on that remaining group. She was still not my least favorite. It's good to know she's had success after the show, even if not as mainstream as some of the others. This clue has me clueless. Katharine is the only "number two" in terms of placement, but I don't know why we'd ask where she went. Maybe asking where Tamyra's second album went? I don't really know. I guess I'll join the majority in guessing Kat for now. @Crisis
  15. Mostly sad about Clay. I think I voted for 8 of the 10 that advanced though, so yay.
  16. 006. David Cook: I finally got him. Oh, I wonder why you put "worthy" in quotes about him as a "worthy" winner? Am I missing something? But he is a worthy winner, even if I disagree with that season's outcome. He was also among my favorites and really grew on me throughout the season. I loved his creativity and the way he'd completely change up some songs. Hello and Always Be My Baby are the big standouts to me on that front. I also enjoyed him singing songs straight like The Music Of the Night and The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (so, I guess longer song titles ) But actually, I'm not familiar with All I Really Need Is You, so I don't know if he changed that one much or at all, but that's an underrated favorite of mine. I wasn't crazy about any of his performances in the final, actually... The coronation song was fine enough, but I don't think suited him, although he made it work. I absolutely loved Archie's. Oh well. I love the David/David friendship as well and it was so funny to have a Top 2 with the same first name. I also bought this David's first album and enjoyed it as well. Overall, he ranks somewhere among my favorites, although I couldn't give a number. I'm going to agree on LaToya for the next clue... for the same reasons as everyone else. @Crisis
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