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  1. Refresh to include my save in this too. Oops. (Save Tod, cut Hamm)
  2. Refresh because I had a phone call.
  3. I don't remember if I thought anyone specific, but maybe someone like Melinda or Katharine. Kat makes sense since she got a lot of hate at one point, and I figured you loved her. So looks like we most agree on A.J. Yeah. She was on multiple episodes of The Singing Bee because she was one of the singers on the show. Look at me staying caught up on a weekend. 010. Quentin Alexander: Unfortunately, he never really did much for me and I wasn't a fan. He definitely had an interesting style, but I guess I didn't connect with him. My opinion could change on rewatch, as I don't really remember his performances all that much. "Rolling In The Deep was one of his weaker performances, not to mention an interesting song choice because it’s not one that comes to mind when thinking about party starters" Oh and also, yay the Dark Side love because I love that Kelly song too. Ah so sorry you're disappointed in the lack of predictions! I really have no idea how to guess. Was that clue for Quentin posted earlier? I didn't see it. I can randomly guess who will appear at #9, but I have no method to this. *thinks* I'll go with Kimberley or David... I have to pick one, so I'll say Kimberley, since a guy was just posted. Actually no, I'll go with David. Also, tomorrow is my birthday, so please don't post Kelly or Elliott. Just kidding, you can post whoever you want, lol but I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  4. YAY, thank you! I was hoping you would see (and love) it.
  5. My Carrie ranking and comments are finally sent. I'm sure I'll be back in there soon making more edits.
  6. Oh no, I did not. I had no idea she would rank this high. From the rest of the semi-finalists, my favorites are A.J., Sabrina, Alexandrea, Felicia, Ricky, Katelyn, Julie, Baylie, Layla. Ugh, and I was furious at most of them missing out on the finals. I think I was especially upset about A.J., Sabrina, Ricky, and Katelyn. I would say Baylie too, but I understand based on the performance. I also loved her from S6 and had seen her on another show too (The Singing Bee).
  7. These were both listed as options at the start of the round. I was surprised Praying For Time never got picked. So many great covers though. Not surprised, considering Carrie is amazing.
  8. Yay! Which songs were your favorites?
  9. Oh, I never had those ones. I just love the plain flavored mint, but I'm sure those are delicious as well!
  10. Not really, but yeah it looks better when you take out what I haven't seen. I included UK2 in my count since I'm a fan of Shayne, although maybe I don't know anyone else from that season.
  11. I was going to like this post after reading the first sentence, and then I wanted to cry at the second sentence. But yay for you also agreeing! I can't imagine hating it.
  12. omg! If nothing else, we will always agree on Mint Oreos!
  13. Yesssss. Me too, but Mint Oreo will always be my favorite.
  14. I think maybe 4-5 are my actual season favorites, but then I don't know all of them.
  15. Ugh, I really wanted Bailey & Kida and James & Harris to both advance. Really really sad to lose James & Harris already.
  16. Remaining: Abu (Aladdin) Clopin (Hunchback of Notre Dame)
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