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  1. I have mine narrowed down to eight. Will wait to see if any more get picked before choosing another.
  2. I am never chosen for anything and now I am when I'm not even eligible? But awww I'm honored.
  3. I know, but it was sadly true. Sure hope I do better on rounds with my other favorites. Thank you. There is literally no way I could read all the comments in real time and still stay caught up. I did skim through them all, but will have to go back to read in full.
  4. My first choice: Hate That I Love You (featuring Ne-Yo)
  5. Does it tell you how many reactions you can give per day once you reach the limit?
  6. I have a list of 29 Rihanna songs to advance. Yikes... only a few of my top choices have been chosen so far, but there's still a lot of rankers to go so I won't lose hope yet.
  7. To be fair, it moves so fast at the end is easy to get behind if you're not here at the time. I had to catch up on the Beyonce finals when the Alanis round was already going on.
  8. Because mine were. Thanks. And thank you. This is why I don't appreciate comments about how I ranked BA when it still was #2... my #1 literally came in at #19.
  9. I will rank my least favorite last, as that's what I always do. Plenty of people ranked my top favorites low and that actually hurt them in the overall ranking here. At least BA was still top 2.
  10. Something in the Water is a deserving winner.
  11. I expected one of these songs in the top 3, but not so much the other two. Will be interesting to see. ETA: It was just posted.
  12. Aww. I hope I don't have to get used to it.
  13. Wait, I mixed up my #6 and #5. Okay, my #5 is still here, at least.
  14. Same. That's why it hurts to see my top ranked songs gone.
  15. I thought Just A Dream could make top 5. Ugh. My bottom 2 outlasting my entire top 5. Wow. This final ranking is really not nice to me. I think my #6 and #7 are at least still in. But same to this. Of course I don't dislike any of the songs.
  16. @#jeah describing Church Bells as cute has me worried.
  17. I'm already going to make my guess as David Cook again because I know he didn't originally plan to audition for Idol and was there to support his brother. And then, he definitely showcased his creativity in song arrangements throughout the season. @Crisis Will comment and catch up tomorrow.
  18. Yes. But we've been really close on some. Spinning Bottles: 21 & 19 Southbound: 10 & 9 Heartbeat: 5 & 1 Wine After Whiskey: 20 & 16 Low: 19 & 13 Love Wins: 12 & 4 Good Girl: 3 & 8 I Told You So: 18 & 18 Drinking Alone: 16 & 15
  19. I never heard someone called a Randy Travis as an insult.
  20. Sounds like some of this is going on.
  21. Yessss same! I love it. Noo, that's not what it was about. You know I always check our rankings on each song to compare.
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