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Found 12 results

  1. Well ten years ago we've had 5 consecutive WGWG winners from David Cook to Phillip Phillips and season 12 had a female winner with Candice Glover. Then we had Chayce winning last season. Is there any way a girl can win Season 20?
  2. In S18, the coaches performed Nick Jonas' "Jealous" in honour of him being a new coach on the show. Keeping that in mind, which Ariana song do you think the S21 coaches (i.e. Kelly, Ariana, John, and Blake) should sing for their coach performance? Hopefully, the S21 performance will be better than what we got this season: "Together Forever".
  3. What would you guys think of this being the final five? IMO, I think IDF would meltdown if that happened. It would bring alot more buzz. Of course TPTB would love that. What would you guys think of a Cam/Pete/Victor/Jose/Kenzie finale? I think would bring a lot more controversy than Todd/Toneshia/Thunderstorm/CamWess/Micah and Carter/Jim/Ian/DesZ/JohnH in the last two season.
  4. Well since TVUS16 there have been four female winners count and that was a huge setup for Maelyn who won three seasons ago. Then we had three guys winning the last three seasons. Is there any way we could have another female winner?
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