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  1. Carson's lower register is pretty lackluster, but when he goes up there with the rasp, it's great.
  2. Singing Vince Gill. Not the most flashy vocalist but a big name to cover.
  3. Time to hear what Clint sounds like, since he got montaged.
  4. I love Joshua, but he needs a good ass KO to have a chance at PV. That battle song choice was not it.
  5. Glad that Joshua moved on, hope for a better song choice.
  6. Joshua did what he could, but this song wasn't it for him.
  7. The song is fun but a bit weird for Hailey, so I'd say Raquel might get favored this time around on IDF. FB will likely prefer Hailey though, or just criticize the song choice. I have a feeling Joshua/Keilah will be a pleasant surprise, or at least, memorable.
  8. Interested to see how these week's battles are recieved, especially after last week was so enthusiastically reviewed.
  9. It appears so. Would make sense since last Tuesday there were just two instead of three.
  10. Reminder of tonight's lineup: J: Joshua vs Keilah - Good 4 U (Olivia Rodrigo) B: Carson vs Clint - Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin Away (Vince Gill) K: Gymani vs Aaron - Working (Tate McRae and Khalid) A: Jim and Sasha vs Sophia - Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours (Stevie Wonder) J: Sabrina vs Jack - cardigan (Taylor Swift) K: Holly vs Wyatt - Sunny (Bobby Hebb, Billie Eilish version) A: Raquel vs Hailey - Car Wash (Rose Royce) J: Shadale vs Janora - One Last Time (Ariana Grande) B: Wendy vs Manny - If I Ever Lose My Faith in You (Sting) Battles in danger of montage highlighted in black.
  11. At this point its Samuel for the 1st and anyone but Jershika for the 2nd. And if y'all wonder why not Jershika, her blind audition stats on FB are extremely low. She might get the CS though.
  12. If y'all haven't watched his cover of "Give You Blue" by Allen Stone on TikTok, do yourselves a favor and do it. Its short, but it gets the job done.
  13. The WC is perhaps the most unpredictable aspect of the POs. After the KOs, we'll likely have an idea of who could get some of the PVs and maybe a CS, but the WC will depend on the people that end up there, and the song choices they're given. And we've had many occasions where someone is given a decent/good song in the POs night but fails to grab the PV, ends up in the WC, and TPTB shows them the hand the next night. (*Cough* Pete *Cough*)
  14. Lol if they are actually wildcards this season (which I very much doubt), its pretty obvious who IDF DOESN'T want to come back. Hint: He who shares our very own host's name.
  15. So far, Bella indeed has gotten the best treatment. Yes, she was on Ep 4, but they have focused the most on her out of Ari's live show team. In fact, she's the only one we have seen twice so far. Like Ryleigh, Holly has also been hidden a bit, and is now in danger of being montaged tonight. Same goes for Jim and Sasha. Raquel's song choices are not what TPTB usually has in mind for a TCO. So I'm gonna say Bella as Ari's TCO for now, but I still think Holly has the potential to be her main horse. KOs will make this clearer. Side note: If I was just watching the show and knew nothing about spoilers, it would seem to be that Katie Rae was actually Ari's TCO so far. Appeared on both premieres and won her battle.
  16. I have to say I'm definitely surprised as to how TPTB has practically hidden Ryleigh. Week 3 on blinds and going on the last episode on battles. I imagined her on the premiere on both rounds at one point, since she's Ariana's mini me (and apparently her favorite). She also will likely be on the last episode of KOs due to David being the last steal, but that one is due to just following the chronological order of the events.
  17. Shadale and Janora are singing Ariana, so I think they are safe. (Yes, LiBianca vs Tommy, but they just sang a song in which she was featured on, not one where she was the lead artist. This time is different).
  18. Kelly probably didnt go for the steal due to Ariana crying. Even though Blake picked her as the winner, he didnt turn for her for starters so he probably wasn't going for it either way. John just said "I'm good".
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