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  1. We got 9 artists that made lives on Week 1. We're missing 11. Predict in what episode they will be featured (prepare to flop lol) Jeremy Ryleigh David Brittany Shadale Bella Raquel Holly Jershika LiBianca Hailey M Ep 3: Holly Raquel Hailey M Jeremy Ep 4: Ryleigh Brittany Ep 5: Bella David Shadale Ep 6: Jershika
  2. Yep. You have Ed Sheeran (Vaughn), Maren Morris (Katie), who has crossover appeal, Ella Eyre (Katherine), who is less well known but this song is pretty popular, and of course, Olivia Rodrigo (Chavon) who needs no explanation. On the other hand, there's John Denver for Jim and Sasha, and most of them wont be able to place him even if they happened to be listening to "Country Roads" at the same time.
  3. We have 21 "Top 5" lists as of now (including a Top 2 and a Top 3 one). So, stats time: Number of lists a contestant has been named in : Wendy - 21 (Only contestant to be named in every single list) Gymani - 18 Samuel - 17 GNT - 16 Joshua - 7 Jim and Sasha - 6 Paris - 5 Peedy - 3 Kinsey - 2 Katherine - 2 Carolina - 2 Lana - 1 Hailey - 1 Jonathan - 1 Jack - 1 Number of times a contestant has been ranked #1: Wendy - 10 Samuel - 6 Gymani - 3 GNT - 1 Joshua - 1 As a whole, Wendy,Samuel and Gymani seem to be the clear top 3 for IDF out of the 18 artists shown this week. GNT is 4th. Katie, Vaughn and Chavon were the only 3 contestants that didnt appear on any list as of now.
  4. I definitely did see a possibility of him singing "Here Without You" since I saw him doing it on his one man show video. Would have liked to see his guitar with him, but really I dont think he needed it this time around.
  5. Also, I've seen people commenting that this is an unfriendly season for Minivan, and I agree. I could have seen them fall for Carson and The Cunningham Sisters, but they got cut off. R&B/Soul Wendy doesnt fit that description , nor rockabilly showman Peedy. Their other alterations ( Country Wendy and Folk/Country Peedy) would have been more material for them. Still, I dont think they'll have a problem being Blake's Top 2. As a whole, its gonna come down to performances and who happens to grab them the most, since there's no male country left.
  6. That's a good point. They kicked off the season but the audience doesnt really know their personalities. But they are guaranteed to skip montages in pre lives so I hope they dig into their story on next rounds.
  7. His style isnt precisely one that makes IDF go crazy, and some people might have found him old fashioned, but I agree he killed it. Loved his growls, and great stage presence too.
  8. I'm still waiting to clear my doubts on Hailey Mia. Not sure where I stand yet in regarding her chances
  9. David is someone I didnt expect TPTB would keep that hidden. Not even a promo appearance. Same with Jeremy and Ryleigh.
  10. Another one that they have kept quite hidden. No promos nor featured in Week 1. Hope we get to see him soon though.
  11. At this point I dont really expect Holly to get leaked. I think they'll save her for the episode. But I'm still wondering if they'll make her close considering it would be 2 episodes in a row ending with big Ariana losses. Maybe she closes the first hour and Ariana redeems herself by getting Raquel at the end.
  12. The thing is that Jim and Sasha have been mostly positively recieved on FB. Nothing in particular to write home about, but its better that what I personally expected, especially considering they have two handicaps: Sasha's backstory and the fact that they are a group. We're missing the girls on Ariana's lives team, so we'll see how they recieve them.
  13. So far, and this is bound to be innacurate since we're misisng a lot of artists to see, but based on their auditions, what do y'all think are the chances of GNT and Jim/Sasha nabbing a PV on their respective teams as of now? Not in regards of other artists, just based on their appeal.(Mind you, one of the PVs, assuming we're back to 2 PVs and a save).
  14. This is on FB, right? Since that's where stuff matters.
  15. Rewatched Carolina Alonso and I think she definitely deserved more than one chair. She seems like someone you'd think Ariana would turn for as well.
  16. And yes, the craziness continues. We have 3 battles featuring a solo artist vs a trio this season. Chaotic as hell lol. Very curious to watch them.
  17. We'll see how it ended up. My guess is still that the song choice was catered to the girl singing with him but he stepped it up.
  18. I definitely dont really have high hopes for the one season per year decision. S22 alone will tell us what we need to know. If it struggles, then it will probably last a season or two more until it gets the axe.
  19. He definitely was on the highest pressure position on the blind. We´ll see if Joshua and Bekah let him take a break in battles lol.
  20. I´m still curious since they were the first and only live team members on Ariana´s team this week to be shown. I expected them to be left for Ep 4 or 5, since I assumed they wanted to instantly please the Arianators with the pop females she has. That being said, I´m fairly certain Sasha does have a fanbase, so a lot of support might come from there. I´m sure many also do love the idea of a father/son duo. I´m not sure how they are receiving their genre. A lot of them don´t even know what folk is (jk lol)
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