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  1. B+ for me. Holly, Jeremy and Samara elevated it.
  2. Also, they are burying Ryleigh into Week 3. Interesting. I expected her at least till Ep 3.
  3. Also, I've noticed a pattern in leaks: On Friday we got guys that were eliminated before the lives (Vaughn and Carson) and on Tuesdays we have gotten girls that did make it (Gymani and Bella). If we continue there, my bet is that Aaron is our leak this Friday.
  4. Brittany could be on tonight but I'm not sure. If she is then she is probably closing indeed. Aaron is for sure going to be left for next week.
  5. Just realized that they havent closed an episode yet with a contestant picking Ariana. They might do it with Bella tonight.
  6. That's pretty much how I felt when I rewatched it. I think I got caught up in the moment when I saw it yesterday. Still a great audition though.
  7. Also wonder how the other three reacted when Blake turned by accident. Clint must have known something was going on since he hadnt started singing when it happened.
  8. I think stylistically, its more interesting, but vocally I'm on Holly's side.
  9. Forgot to ask to be added. The surprise of the night for me.
  10. I rewatched them a bit, and while I still think Holly killed it, I think she overdid it just a bit at some points. Still felt like a crowning audition though. With that being said, I'll have to give it to Jeremy as my favorite of the night.
  11. That's why I think Clint might be a montage. They'll probably cut to him singing when Blake is already turned around.
  12. Either way, if they actually cut David, I know @sydneysam and @VintageVoice are suing.
  13. Probably shortclips, like Payton and Larriah on S19. I hope they dont shortclip David just because he is a one chair. Then again, he sang an Ariana song, so less likely.
  14. Still have my reservations about her tone, but I got to give props where its due: Very creative. You can tell she produces.
  15. So tonight: TCS Berritt David Bella Dont know if I'm missing anyone.
  16. Not really a fan of her tone but I did like her approach to the song. I dont expect Minivan to go nuts over her, but Arianators are gonna love her.
  17. Bella as the leak. She's closing if Brittany is not on tonight. If she is, then I predict the latter will.
  18. I do have to ask: Who are y'all supporting the most to win this season? I know many have a lot of favorites but who is your #1 choice to take it all home?
  19. I've seen a few people now saying that Holly and Hailey will be our Top 2. While its not my desired result at all, it'd be an interesting concept. Two contestants that lost a round and Kelly and Ariana pretty much gave to the other. If that actually were to happen, which I still have my doubts about, I'd bet on Holly taking it.
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