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  1. Great read. I disagree with you on Peedy, since I thought he did infuse the performance with elements that made him his own artist. His tone came through and he made some interesting changes to the melody. Other than that, I get the rest. Definitely agree with you on Paris. I think he is being way too underrated here considering the tricks he pulled out on a Stevie Wonder song, which is a very tall order.
  2. Deadass those are the only two that show up with a google search lol. Maybe there was a lyric that said "good for you" in the song, and the sources got confused. If thats actually the song, then what in the actual hell? Lol
  3. All 3 lost their KOs. Joshua won his. Its been a long, long time since they have pulled out multiple montages for people that made lives. I dont think it will happen again.
  4. I lowkey actually hope it gets montaged since apart from the terrible song choice it pretty much would free Joshua from any possibilities of getting the dreaded KO montage, and I need to hear him sing "Falling".
  5. As the days pass I'm getting more and more convinced that that battle is gonna get montaged. And honestly, it would probably be a favor to both of them given the song choice.
  6. Definitely. Although I gotta be honest, with that song choice and the style that she sang it, I dont really think she would have surpassed the Top 3 in stats. But she would have definitely gotten higher views and reacts with a normal video. She'd likely be around Gymani's numbers or so.
  7. GNT reached 3 million views on FB. They are still in the lead in that regard. Then comes Vaughn, from being the leak, then Peedy. These are the Top 3. Samuel comes behind him. In terms of reacts, GNT also leads still, then Vaughn, then Samuel. Top 3 in that category. Peedy is 4th. I'd say, out of the first week, watch out for GNT, Peedy, and Samuel. Can't really say anything for Wendy since she clearly got sabotaged with the 1 min video, so we'll have to wait till battles to get a clearer vision.
  8. Yeah, the long haired rock dude ended up not even existing as well. It could be another person that sang that song and did make a team, of course. I'm just glad it wasnt Samuel lol, he got a much better song for an audition. Xavier seems likely.
  9. So we have Carson, Hailey M, Keilah, Raquel and Holly confirmed for Monday so far. The Joy Reunion also has thrown a hint at being there.
  10. Checked out the FB promo for this Monday, and at 0:06 there's a girl I cant identify but she already had Kelly turned around (look at her light), and John also pressed his button. That might be Kaitlyn? And apparently, Ariana tried to use her block on John but he already had turned. And the artist recieved a two chair turn from them. Wonder who it was. This pretty much confirms Holly closing since the storyline for Ep 3 is going to revolve around Ariana's block.
  11. Given that we have seen 4 out of 5 contestants on Blake's lives team, he's getting people that were already cut this week I presume. LiBianca will likely be saved for next week.
  12. Her being paired with Samuel would make a lot more sense if that was true tbh.
  13. So, for this week, we could have (I'm sure this will flop lol) Ep 3 B: Carson A: Hailey M K: Jeremy J: Samara A: Raquel B: The Joy Reunion J: Sabrina K: Holly Ep 4 A: Ryleigh B: Tommy K: The Cunningham Sisters A: Sophia J: Brittany
  14. Or maybe Tony Aaron indeed sang Anyone and was a no chair turn. I feel that there's more of a chance that the source confused chair turns than artists themselves. And unless he flipped it or something, that is not a good song for a BA so I could see it failing to make an impression.
  15. Snowflake material. 1. Samuel - Rasp. Emotion. Great arrangement. I loved it all. Great job! 2. Joshua - Swinging for the fence. Magnificent job. 3. Paris - Started a bit choppy but once he got in the pocket, it came alive. I could listen to those growls all day 4. Hailey - Back with a vengeance. This was badass. Some moments did veer out of control but that was it. Glad she made it this time around. Great job too, but.. 5. Gymani - Risk taking approach and very well sung. The arrangement kind of lost me a bit though. 6. Jim and Sasha - Love the concept of a folk duo and props to Jim for his mandolin playing. Some beautiful moments around but I wasnt a big fan of the blending. I feel like there should be more of a unity, like in GNT. Hope they work it out for next rounds. 7. Carolina - Loved the song choice and there were some impressive moments throughout. That being said, as I rewatched there were also a lot of issues, so hope Kelly and her work through them. Didnt do it for me 8. Lana - She did fine but not a fan of her tone. 9. Chavon - Props for the arrangement but the vocal and song choice didnt work for me at all.
  16. I'll give more complete reviews: My clear Top 3 1. GNT - Just magical. A fantastic introduction to what I expect to be a great run for them. Those harmonies just cut through the noise. Plus, fantastic song choice that I can't believe I didnt think about for them since its a favorite of mine. 2. Peedy - Yep. I'm putting him here, because it ended being my most watched audition of the night. Great low notes accompanied by a swell high register and some stage prescence and charisma to boot. This didnt feel like imitating Elvis to me, he happened to mix in what makes him his own artist, and I know he has more. 3. Wendy - Technically the best vocal of the night, but what holds me back from putting her first was the song choice. I would have much preferred for her to introduce herself with some country or a different song if she was going to go with R&B/Soul. It just kept her in the rafters when I wanted to hear more of her soft side to balance it out. Still, I know she is going to kill every round, so I hope better song choices come around. Good, but didnt do it for me 4. Kinsey - Lovely tone on display, but I was left wanting more power behind it, especially since I know she can give me that. 5. Vaughn - Another lovely tone but he stayed in one place throughout the song and thus it didnt make that much of an impression for me. 6. Jonathan - I like the song, I love Jonathan's tone, but I didnt love them together. He sang well, but I cant really be bothered to replay it. 7. Katherine - Started great but lost me in the middle and didnt get me back. I found it was missing the grit. 8. Jack - Good tone and there is something there, but this ended up being very boring and sleepy, especially consider the amazing covers we have had of this song on the show before. 9. Katie - It didnt work for me in any way.
  17. @sydneysam mentioned it. He is still behind Peedy in views on FB, but he indeed has surpassed him in reacts.
  18. Marc Broussard as well, although I wish someone eventually sings a different song by him. There are lot of good stuff he's made apart from "Home". Perfect for a swampy rock/country artist.
  19. He had an interesting arrangement that I give him props for, but I felt the vocal was a mess, aside from some good parts here and there. You can tell he was nervous.
  20. Always a pleasure for me to have Crosby/Stills/Nash, Elvis, The Chicks, The Beatles, José José, John Denver, and Stevie Wonder on the Voice catalogue.
  21. I'm sure they're gonna prefer David when they see he sang an actual Ariana Grande song and got her to turn.
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