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  1. No clue if FB liked Lana because every single comment is criticizing Blake and Kelly's bickering.
  2. Without counting Gymani due to being the leak, Samuel is leading on views and reacts on FB so far.
  3. I'm actually curious to see the reception for Hailey M, not by the Ariana fans, but Minivan. I want to see them react to Jeremy too, since GNT has the potential to be really dangerous, I want to see which out of the two is joining them if things work out their way.
  4. Arianators themselves might be feeling that Ariana is losing a lot right now.
  5. By far, way better than the premiere. A-.
  6. Choose. Kelly - GNT, Kinsey, Carolina, Gymani John - Jonathan, Jack, Samuel, Joshua, Paris Ariana - Katie, Katherine, Vaughn, Chavon, Jim/Sasha Blake - Peedy, Wendy, Lana, Hailey G.
  7. Also, they showed all of Blake's live team members this week but LiBianca : 4/5 John has Joshua and Samuel now : 2/5 Kelly has GNT and Gymani : 2/5 And Ariana only has Jim/Sasha : 1/5
  8. Alright, so 3 people made the lives yesterday compared to 6 tonight. We got 9 people that made lives, including the two groups that made it. For the next weeks we're missing out of our Top 20: Ryleigh Raquel Holly Bella Jeremy David Jershika LiBianca Hailey M Shadale Brittany
  9. Going with Samuel here. That tone. Followed by Paris, Joshua, Hailey, Gymani and Jim and Sasha.
  10. They´re finally throwing Ariana some rope next week. She only got Jim and Sasha in the lives this week and they are the least Ariana-like team members she has.
  11. Wonder if Holly is closing Ep 3. Would TPTB allow two episodes in a row feature big Ariana losses?
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