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  1. Best: Kelly, She is the one who helps her participants the most out of the show and that for me makes her the best coach, also in the show she helps them out of their box and even though she makes some mistakes, I think she was the best addition to the show. Worst: Shakira
  2. Want: Micah Thunderstorm Toneisha CammWess Todd Will: Thunderstorm Todd Micah Toneisha CammWess
  3. I never would have guessed that Camm would make it to the final.
  4. Maybe Todd pulls a Katie Kadan and place third and Micah second a la Ricky Duran
  5. Camm and Toneisha won't have the pimp spot next week, who will?
  6. No surprises here. NOW is when some kind of plot twist will happen.
  7. It all depends on the song choice. If Toneisha gets another Stronger, she won't get the IS
  8. So... The PV will be for Micah, Todd T, Thunderstorm, and Camm, the IS is between Megan/Allegra almost certainly
  9. I'd rather Toneisha make it to the final than Todd T by a mile
  10. One for each team? Wow, I thought it was the top four votes lol
  11. I'm picturing Todd T, Micah, and Thunderstorm PV, for the 4th place I really feel it could be Megan's, because if CammWess doesn't have a good performance, she could easily beat Zan, Allegra, and sadly Toneisha... Although Camm might also get the 4th place
  12. Really, without counting Thunderstorm and Todd T, I don't know who will get the PV and who will get the IS, this season is very confusing.
  13. Megan is one of my favorites this season, but I have to admit it wasn't her best performance, I hope she wins the IS tomorrow tho
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