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  1. Not Marisa and Kelsie eliminated BUT kelly got Cami lol, such a strong team
  2. Lol Idk why, but I saw again the performances of Midnight Train To Georgia, and Simone, Keisha, and Regina KILLED the 3 versions of the song. Regina and Simone are one of my favorite KO's of the voice, and Keisha wowww.
  3. Seeing the results: Team Kelly > Team John > Team Blake > Team Gwen Everyone I liked about Kelly advanced so I'm very happy, except for Skylar, but everyone on her team has the potential to go far in the competition. And what I like most is that she has a few Dark Horses. Kelly knows how to handle her team very well.
  4. This song choices are really good! Hard Place is the one I've been waiting for, I love it!
  5. Your Song - Elton John. The Middle - ala Noah Barlass. I don't say like Kymberli Joye because realistically no one could match her version. To this day it's the performance that I repeat the most lol.
  6. John will most likely eliminate the two finalists from his team, so I wouldn't be so sure. Lol. Also, low-key, I hope Tamara somehow goes to Team Kelly, although I don't want to risk her being eliminated either.
  7. OMG, just when I thought she didn't have as much vocal range, I really like her on Team Kelly
  8. Why do I feel John will put Tamara Jade vs John Holiday at some point, in the battle or the KO (if there is one) lol.
  9. Yes, I'd love to see an AA powerhouse win, and even more so if it's with Kelly, it would be an excellent winning team.
  10. He seems to be a 4 chair turn, he has a very unique voice. I hope he and Tamara are with Kelly, I'd love to see what they'd do together.
  11. OMG, yes, I love her, with the right songs she can make it to the finale. Hope she's on Team Kelly
  12. Okay, she's the one I've been looking for, I hope she goes far! Although she sounds like a younger voice. I feel like she might be on Team Kelly.
  13. For those of you who know spoilers or have seen the auditions, are there any powerhouses like Kyla Jade, Kymberli Joye, Kimberly Nichole, Rose Short, even Alisan Porter?
  14. Okay, I feel like she'll be with Kelly or Gwen 100%, hopefully Kelly anyway. But with the right songs she'll go far.
  15. Hmm, if she pulls a Clarissa Spata I'm not gonna be mad at all.
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