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  1. Remember when IDF didn't like Megan and Cammwess at all and said they wouldn't last in the show... well here they are in the top 9 lol
  2. I wanted Cedrice to win, but if Joanna didn't passm Idk why it didn't seem totally fair
  3. It's just that with Micah on the team, it was obvious he was gonna get the PV. I have no doubt that she was in second place.
  4. Yeah, she seemed pretty connected to the song tho
  5. But people who don't understand Spanish I don't think they felt identified with what she sang so I don't think she managed to make the viewers of the porgram feel any kind of emotion? I don't speak for everyone the same, I just think that's why maybe it wasn't the best idea to sing in Spanish when those who vote for you are the viewers.
  6. I'll be very annoyed if the coaches choose Mandi C or Michael Williams instead of Zan and Allegra (I'm not saying the other two aren't talented at all), they both deserve it more in my opinion by watching all the performances again during the season. And it's not something I feel can't happen...
  7. In instagram Megan is leading the views by a large margin over all, followed by Joanna, both about 50k out of everyone else, followed by Michael Williams who has a much smaller but 30k margin than the others. That makes me think that young people will vote for them more than others I think?
  8. Hmm.. I don't really know about the ratio, but facebook as I said, now these 5 are leading the views like this: Todd T > Megan > Thunderstorm > Micah > CammWess
  9. I'm saying that it's not a challenge for her vocals, as Love on the brain might have been. Yes, it's true that she found the twist in a note that did it quite well, but for the rest, it's not a very demanding song.
  10. Just watching Twitter and Facebook, I wouldn't be surprised if the final is Todd T, Thunderstorm, Megan and Micah...They're leading all the views.
  11. 1. Micah Iverson 2. Thunderstorm Artis 3. Allegra Miles 4. Megan Danielle 5. Zan Fiskum 6. Cammwess 7. Todd Tilghman 8. Joana Serenko 9. Toneisha Harris 10. Joei Fulco 11. Mandi Castillo 12. Roderick Chambers 13. Cedrice 14. Arei Moon 15. Michael Williams 16. Mike Jerel 17. Mandi Thomas (srry )
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