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  1. With this set up Todd secures his place in the final...
  2. I like Todd... but I'd really rather have someone else win, I want a different voice...
  3. Lol looks like you don't like him very much Did he do something to you?
  4. Micah is very consistent in all his performances, I liked it very much.
  5. Hmm... between Micah and Megan, who has the best chance of winning the show? We know it's all going to be between Todd T and Thunderstorm tho.
  6. I don't like this song for her tbh... she's doing good tho
  7. Do we know who the coaches are going to be? Kelly and Blake I'm pretty sure, John too, and Nick? Maybe we'll have the same one for another season.
  8. Imo, Marybeth is one of The Voice's most overrated contestants. She was and is very good, but I never understood the extreme hype they had for her... from the KO's onwards, I wasn't a fan of any of her performances.
  9. Pleaseee , I need another Kymberli joye moment (although that was too legendary)
  10. Kelly 100% has at least one artist in the final, and I wouldn't be surprised if Megan passes over Cammwess choosing a good song... It'll almost certainly be Micah, but it could happen to Megan if her performance is in a good spot and with a good song.
  11. Love this top 9, I like everyone, but here's my ranking: 1 - Micah 2 - Thunderstorm 3 - Megan 4 - Toneisha 5 - Allegra 6 - Zan 7 - Joanna 8 - CammWess 9 - Todd (Really like him, just not my cup of tea)
  12. Well... I was thinking about Cam, Jamal, Zach (in his battle), Chelle (also in her battle), Levi (he was mediocre for me, not super bad, but I wouldn't want him to have advanced to the top 17), Tate, Anders, Samuel (in his battle) and Sara.All of them were very pitchy at a certain point in the competition so I emphasize them as the worst (although I know they are very talented) and that now in this top 17 and 9, good decisions were made to advance with those who are now.
  13. Megan Danielle - Breakaway - KC Micah Iverson - Glitter in the air - P!nk (I feel he'll kill it with his range) or Hollow (Tori Kelly) Allegra Miles - When I was your man - Bruno Mars Thunderstorm Artis - Here comes the sun - Beatles CammWess - Can't feel my face - The Weeknd Zan Fiskum - Dog days are over - Florence Joanna Serenko - If I ain't got you - Alicia Keys Toneisha Harris - Masterpiece - Jessie J Todd Tilghman - Let it be - Beatles
  14. This season may not have started well, but we were lucky that the "worst" artists were eliminated early, and we were left with more and more good artists until we reached the top 17 which were all super solid overall, and now this top 9 that IMO is extra talented, I literally like them all. In the other seasons there were always some I didn't like, but there are none in this one.
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