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  1. It would funny to have a battle for the one that talks the most
  2. I'm still watching the Rose Short and Yolanda Adams duet. The POWER
  3. Yeah, I know she won't win, if Thunderstorm wins I wouldn't be bothered tho.
  4. Overall: Thunderstorm > Toneisha > Micah > Todd > Camm
  5. I like Todd, but I can't remember any performance from him lol. I feel like he sings the same thing every time.
  6. I don't know, but it would be weird since Maelyn sang it for the final and won... And to sing the same one and win would be strange.
  7. No one will beat Davon Fleming in this song, sorry Todd...
  8. I'm always impressed by how different Kelly looks with her home makeup, even though she doesn't look like she has any makeup on. She looks beautiful tho.
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