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  1. maybe they knew it as the chaka Khan song and did not know about this version?
  2. I think they meant that starting with John's season, there was only one leak.
  3. Honestly, this one seems a little closer to what she would do.
  4. Is it just me or I can't imagine Wendy the song like that. She's not going to go disco up there on that stage.
  5. Easier than the trios?? jk Yeah, his distinct look could be an advantage. People will remember the one guy with dreads lol
  6. 31. If she won, she would only be the second female winner above 30.
  7. The only obvious ones are Tommy Edwards and the guys from The Joy Reunion. None of them even made KOs.
  8. We have very, very few white men over 30 this season, and all of them got eliminated before playoffs.
  9. She seems to have a fun personality. I'm getting more excited for her by the day, can't believe I once said I'd wait til her audition
  10. In terms of contestants that "scream winner", precisely 0 of the contestants this season have given me that. I kind of like it that way.
  11. 1. Micah, because while Tayler was also good, her performance felt a little more generic, and Micah's was fresh and dynamic. 2. Marisa started pitchy, but she recovered quickly enough that I would still pick her over Tanner in a heartbeat. 3. Michael Sanchez, because there was no one like him on the show.
  12. Already posted this in her fan thread, but wanted to drop this here. At first I thought of her as more of a "tone" contestant, but Holly can clearly sing her face off.
  13. If y'all ever wanted to hear Holly's powerful side, here's an ancient YT video I found of her singing "Listen"
  14. Agreed. Knowing what the song choices are just leads to disappointment if they didn't sing it like how we imagined
  15. I think Hailey has the potential to either be cut early as the playoffs, to make the finals, and everything in between. Someone with as little experience as her is always a wildcard.
  16. Not even a Carter fan, but that's adorable lol
  17. If ever TPTB wanted to switch Ari's frontrunner to Holly, I think the best thing to do would be for her to close to playoffs.
  18. Yeah, I knew I was forgetting another example of someone being known as a "flop". I remember one particular mouse trying to convince everyone Victor's battle would be montaged bc of it.
  19. agree with @jus.willy. you just described Holly better than anybody else here has lmao
  20. Yeah, but think of all the other people who got standing O's and didn't make it far. Of course there would a few winners in that sea of contestants lol
  21. Really? She never gave me Cami vibes for a moment. I think Cami has that darker indie sound, while Holly has a lighter pop tone.
  22. Kind of sad that some people just take the source's opinion (particularly the "flopped") and run away with it. People used to say Denisha and Raine flopped like it was a fact even before a single blind audition aired.
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