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  1. YESS especially a well known song like again Let Her Go, where Her is literally in the title! I just also don’t get the point especially when the song is from second person point of view anyways! Idk why but that always drives me crazy
  2. This is a random thought, but does anyone else get really annoyed when singers change the gender of pronouns in songs they cover? I was literally going crazy hearing Anna Grace keep saying “let him go” over and over like it’s my biggest pet peeve lol I don’t know why
  3. If I had to pick a person a team Blake: Cam (such a hard choice) Legend: Ryleigh Nick: Dana Kelly: Gihanna those 4 and Anna should really be the finalists
  4. Gihanna was really good too!! Literally everyone else tho...
  5. Dana, Anna, Rachel, and Cam sounded AMAZING too bad they aren’t all on different teams
  6. Hey everyone, I’m not new to idol forums but I’m new to this side! Normally I stick to the voice, but omg does idol have the voice beat talent wise this year! I’m really excited watching this season so many great voices, and I can’t wait to talk about it with you guys
  7. Minivan complains so much, they complained about Kelly, John, and now Ariana. And now that Nick is coming in all of a sudden they all loved him. They just need to say they want an all Blake panel and go
  8. Most of the arianators I know wouldn’t even be paying attention to the performance, only trying to get screen grabs of Ari’s outfit
  9. The best part about this is that Ariana does not need the publicity or the check at all, she’s just doing this because she loves the show and I can’t see her not being engaged with her team
  10. I remember she sang with Stevie Wonder in season 11, other than that I don’t think she’s ever even been on
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