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  1. Twitter is not happy about Jason Aldean, I'm with twitter
  2. They're with the vocal coaches much much more. The advisors are like a one hour thing, the vocal coaches an everyday thing
  3. This is such a weird song choice. They're good singers...but just not the vocal style
  4. I would assume 3 + a road to the live shows...but won't know officially till next week at the earliest
  5. Aldean is super successful and a big big name in country.....he's just a total douche Dierks is generally thought of as a much more decent human, and probably more highly thought of within the country music community, especially his bluegrass work, but he's not as well known commercially. I would guess Blake's pop artists had no idea who he was, but Blake's country types were actually excited to work with him
  6. A) they're both singers, so they're more likely to follow musical theater then most of the population B ) Yes she's done most of her career in musical career theatre, but she's very well known as a top level vocalist
  7. According to some of the team Pete Mroz, they definitely don't know. He was apparently begging for hints, and they're like you'll know who they are, you'll know...he didn't know
  8. Define “his”. Blake’s is considered the signature version of the song, as he released it as a promoted single* to country radio, and it is the most well known/most sold version. He is not the first to record it though, George Jones, Kenny Rogers and Hoyt Axton recorded it amongst others. At least on a major label Jones recorded it first. And none of those individuals wrote the song, that would be James "Bo" Bohon, Don Goodman, and Mark Sherrill Song “ownership” is complicated. Tennessee Whisky was not originally recorded by Chris Stapleton. *(Kenny Rogers might have released it as a single, however it does not appear to have impacted at country radio)
  9. Mae Axton was Blake’s early benefactor when he moved to Nashville, they had been introduced in Oklahoma. As Blake tells it he met Hoyt Axton while working for his mom, and Hoyt is the one who originally played Ol’ Red for him.
  10. The producers are definitely heavily involved in the song choices for all the coaches. But Blake does live with Gwen and two teenagers, he's probably not as ignorant of current pop/hip hop songs as some are assuming
  11. I get why they do this sort of manipulation for tv purposes, but it's my least favorite type of manipulation on the show...it changes how the performances, and artists are seen, as well as the coaches.
  12. 10 min interview with Lana, apparently it's her 6th time auditioning. But she talks about her coach choice, Dierks etc
  13. If Kelly and Brandon hadn't divorced, she'd be a Grandma right now....that's actually weird to think about
  14. Kelly's Magellan line made me laugh. I'm going to assume her real pitch was better though then the editing
  15. I figured that's what was going on with the app dates, but then it said KO. So happy for the live playoffs!
  16. Arianators are really flipping out over LiBiana, followed by Sophia. A) they're angry that the person they liked better isn't on team Ariana B ) they are unhappy that Ariana doesn't have many (any?) Black people C) they're pissed off at the idea that Black people are choosing a white country male over Ariana, and are somehow pissed off at Blake for not staying in his lane, and he shouldn't be turning for them because he hates Black people (it's all very illogical)
  17. Jershika and Libianca best of the episode so far, Ryleigh was cool, not feeling this one though
  18. Ariana and Blake were full, that's why Ariana was mad (and they couldn't show Blake's comments). Sometimes the editing is a little annoying because it makes it seem like the performances are "worse" then they are (since so much of the audience bases opinions on chair turns)
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