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  1. There were also a number of comments about a Black person choosing Blake. Some of the Ariana stans have decided that Blake is a racist, homophobe. A) his past tweets are bad but it's more b ) there is a segment in younger pop music that all white male country singers are racist homophobes & country is a trash genre anyways.
  2. I feel like tptb do not want her as a country artist on the show, and it makes me actually angry. I hope her and Blake rip up the script during the live shows
  3. BTW she is good friends with one of Blake’s longtime band members & he (Kevin post) often plays shows with her as well. In case anyone is wondering what would’ve happened without the block
  4. I'm a little frustrated that they didn't highlight Wendy's country singing creds.
  5. I am nervous about the reception Wendy is going to get on social media when she chooses Blake over Ariana
  6. They get a young coach whose fans only use SM, and don't watch TV....and they stop using SM
  7. BTW I think it stinks that we have a live audience back, but families are still only on video. i miss Carson and the families
  8. I really like this song....and she's good...but it doesn't feel right to me?
  9. Let's go season 21, kicking off with what will be the best musical performance of the night?
  10. Here is the schedule as NBC has released it so far (all Mondays 2 hours/Tues 1 hours unless otherwise noted) Mon Sept 20th - Blinds 1 Tues Sept 21st (2 hours) - Blinds 2 Mon Sept 27th - Blinds 3 Tues Sept 28th - Blinds 4 Mon Oct 4th - Blinds 5 We should get Oct 5th & Oct 11th Tuesday A typical two hour episode contains ~9 chair turns, and one hour ~ 4. If Oct 5th is a one hour blind, we will get ~44 chair turn auditions & ~4 montages
  11. An interesting aspect of Vaughn’s addition, he might have been ariana’s last artist, and Blake’s team might have already been full. We know Blake and Ariana both filled their teams that taping. I will agree with others in that it was pleasant, but while I like the song, I didn’t find it particularly exciting. He’s definitely good though
  12. Not sure exactly contestants but the coaches team at the end will be: Ariana - 3 Blake/Kelly/John - 2
  13. Monday Oct 5th will be blinds part 5 (schedule for tuesday oct 6th won't be out till next week) "THE VOICE" "THE BLIND AUDITIONS, PART 5" ORIGINAL 10/04/2021 (08:00PM - 10:00PM) (Monday) :
  14. My guess is that knockouts are done the week earlier & we have playoffs the week of the 9th. Otherwise it would be 5 KO episodes & that’s not happening
  15. Yes, Tuesday of premiere week is two hours, from NBC schedule/press release "THE VOICE" "THE BLIND AUDITIONS PREMIERE, PART 2" ORIGINAL 09/21/2021 (08:00PM - 10:00PM) (Tuesday) : Coaches Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton all vie to discover and coach the next singing phenomenon on the second night of Blind Auditions.
  16. Blake has obviously had the most wins, but his true dominance can really be seen in the number of finalists he’s had. And that’s even with a format the last couple of seasons, expressly designed to help other coaches have finalists.
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