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  1. An interesting aspect of Vaughn’s addition, he might have been ariana’s last artist, and Blake’s team might have already been full. We know Blake and Ariana both filled their teams that taping. I will agree with others in that it was pleasant, but while I like the song, I didn’t find it particularly exciting. He’s definitely good though
  2. Not sure exactly contestants but the coaches team at the end will be: Ariana - 3 Blake/Kelly/John - 2
  3. Monday Oct 5th will be blinds part 5 (schedule for tuesday oct 6th won't be out till next week) "THE VOICE" "THE BLIND AUDITIONS, PART 5" ORIGINAL 10/04/2021 (08:00PM - 10:00PM) (Monday) :
  4. My guess is that knockouts are done the week earlier & we have playoffs the week of the 9th. Otherwise it would be 5 KO episodes & that’s not happening
  5. Yes, Tuesday of premiere week is two hours, from NBC schedule/press release "THE VOICE" "THE BLIND AUDITIONS PREMIERE, PART 2" ORIGINAL 09/21/2021 (08:00PM - 10:00PM) (Tuesday) : Coaches Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton all vie to discover and coach the next singing phenomenon on the second night of Blind Auditions.
  6. Blake has obviously had the most wins, but his true dominance can really be seen in the number of finalists he’s had. And that’s even with a format the last couple of seasons, expressly designed to help other coaches have finalists.
  7. It’s to bad Blake’s tour stop in Nashville is this week. If it was after Wendy’s audition aired, I could have seen him inviting her out on stage.
  8. But this always happens. With spoilers/taped rounds done & shows yet to start, we’re in a bit of a lull. here’s to hoping we get good shows this year though
  9. He doesn't think minivan is going to back a contestant on team Ariana, and he doesn't think a bunch of Arianators are going to flood the show and change the voting demographic, plus she's a steal, plus she's an over 30 female. Honestly man, it's all been gone over multiple times.
  10. Most winners of the show are either white men over 30 with kids, or teenagers who still lived with their parents. I'm not sure if we have any of the former this year...as to the latter I think this is why some people think Hailey will do well, Peedy also looks young.
  11. I think we’re running into two different issues here and they’re getting conflated, in terms of contestants win potential. for team Blake I think we basically all agree that Wendy is the front runner, and we have confidence in her ability to deliver live. That combined with Blake’s voting strength makes her the biggest “lock” for the finale. That said her archetype, Blake, older, female, isn’t one that has had success winning the show…even on team Blake. As she is the most likely contestant to make the final though she is rightly a favorite for team kelly and team Ariana, we don’t have as clear defined top person, so that leads to more uncertainty with their likelihood of making the finale. team Kelly has a couple of archetypes though that she has been able to win with in the past, but we don’t know how well they’ll deliver With team Ariana, we really don’t know how her personal fanbase will translate to the show, which makes it difficult to determine how competitive her “best” individual will be. all of this makes assessing/handicapping the overall winner difficult….except it won’t be from team John
  12. I know you don't think Ariana fans will spend two minutes to download the app, and set up accounts, in order to vote for her contestants...but I don't think we have any evidence one way or another as to what her fans will do...and therefore if Holly winning would be an upset. Also I don't think a country/country adjacent contestant on team Kelly winning would be an upset, especially in a season without much country, same for a teen female. And given an African-American female has never won, and exactly one Black woman has won the show....one could definitely classify it as an upset (her making the finale would not be an upset though, in fact I will be very surprised if it doesn't happen) Peedy winning would definitely not be an upset
  13. It was totally chaotic, especially with Gwen and Blake’s poor internet But thank you to Gwen for spilling the tea about Carter’s single
  14. To be more accurate, I think there is a chance a million of them download the app
  15. I think Holly is TCO this season, now that she’s team Ariana. TPTB are probably more interested in a team Ariana win then a team Blake win. I also think there’s a decent chance that a decent number of Arianators download the app, and then vote when Ariana tells them. It’s like 5 minutes of effort. my guess is Wendy is plan B if win for team Ariana fails
  16. I'm not opposed to the social media numbers. but generally we have a separate social media number thread. Also lol at half of Blake's team not having announced
  17. Kelly definitely got Blake in the divorce
  18. Yeah Tritt is better musically, but Dierks has some good bluegrass stuff. And frankly Tritt is a gross human and I'm happy to not have him around
  19. Teens in general tend to have big growth arcs. A few obviously flop out, but teens tend to improve the most in small amounts of time anyways, just because of where they are developmentally, and then you give them top level coaching (I mean the vocal coaches, not the celebrity coaches), and you get huge improvements.
  20. Understandable, country has to many award shows. Welcome to the board
  21. Aldean was ACM Eoty in 2016, 17, and 18. If they were able to get George Straight it would be awesome, but think it'd be for KO advisor
  22. He’s a teenage male country/country adjacent singer on team Blake. On a season where he is potentially (Jeremy?) the only male country singer.
  23. Indy might not be the right word choice. More that they’re doing softer style pop vs the dance routine/edm pop Maelyn is one example, also Alisan, Brynn & Addison (being a teenager also helps, but I haven’t looked into it enough to know the ages of anyone)
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