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  1. I think we might be underselling team Ariana. More Indy style pop girls have done well on the show before. Especially if they’re white.
  2. Since we were talking about a Kelly/Blake battle
  3. I love this performance of Don't you wanna stay by Kelly and Blake, it also perfectly encapsulates their relationship (friendship) (also Kelly's critique of his performance...which again perfectly encapsulates their relationship https://www.etonline.com/blake-shelton-reveals-kelly-clarksons-nsfw-advice-their-duet-her-hit-dont-you-wanna-stay-89411)
  4. Yeah, while Aldean is currently a bigger name Tritt is musically much better & more highly regarded, and was a big name in 90's country. But the gossip/mainstream media is less likely to report on him. As to Kelly/Aldean...he and his wife went full on conspriacy/Trumper. But yeah, Kelly (and other country/country adjacent types) are friends with a lot of those people, and seem to just ignore the politics.
  5. Jason Aldean this weekend, the voice folk/Kelly might be very sorry they ended up inviting him. (He also has a history of this stuff, plus blackface) https://www.whiskeyriff.com/2021/08/14/jason-aldean-after-17-months-off-the-coolest-thing-right-now-i-dont-see-one-fcking-mask/ (ftr Tritt is equally as bad, but much less of a big name in current mainstream country)
  6. The number of people on here getting pressed about it being Toby Keith, it's not Toby Keith. (Travis Tritt is only better in terms of his music output, not his personality) Martina Mcbride would've been so awesome, and made so much sense...sigh
  7. It is not luke Bryan, honestly you all it’s more likely to be Taylor swift then Luke Bryan (and it’s not Taylor swift)
  8. I'm fairly certain Blake's is Travis Tritt, for a few reasons, but one is the advisor is clearly shorter then Blake and Toby is 6'3. I want to say Kelly wouldn't have Jason, but they have a duet together. Both Tritt and Aldean are gross, Tritt at last has some good music though.
  9. I wonder if they’ll bring back coaches comebacks, and we’ll have a top 24
  10. Yep, she killed it. And she literally turned to Blake right afterwards and said it was a hard song to sing.
  11. Playing fiddle and singing is VERY hard. On her solo stuff Jenee, Blake’s fiddle player, tends to only play the fiddle when she’d not singing. And she’s much better & more experienced then Carson. Gods Country is a hard song to sing, I wasn’t really that impressed by Hailey’s covers, the phrasing (or breath control) seemed off in parts. Not surprised if sent her home.
  12. Oh dear, let the guessing commence (please @Someone648put us out of our misery )
  13. Taping three appears to be over. Congrats to everyone who moved on.
  14. If it's the voice live shows, and a voice type audience voting, probably Blake. If it's music critic types definitely Kelly
  15. I think what makes a great vocalist is subjective. Do you prefer tone? range? ability to sell a song emotionally? versatility? uniqueness etc Pharell aside, all of the coaches are very strong vocalists, but in different ways.
  16. As you said, Nashville is everyone knows everyone. I think they mostly understand the game though, and I don't think they lobby Blake. Also, while Blake and Martina like each other, I don't think they're regular texting buddies. If the battles were taping after the tour, I think it might matter more...but KO are going to happen before they even get together for the tour. That said, I think Blake would push for her anyways.
  17. you act like Blake has feelings No, but seriously, I think the she sang back up with Martina, and performed at the Opry will matter more for Blake's fanbase then it will for Blake.
  18. I would be pretty surprised if Jenee hadn't at least heard of her, and potentially met her (it's far more likely Jenee has met her then Blake tbh)
  19. They did rehearsals in July, they've been playing festival gigs for the last few weeks. They played a gig recently while Kara was also learning KO songs.
  20. She'll sometimes record tracks (that's also what BGV do for KO). Interestingly Jenee (fiddle player) played for Martina, but at a different time then Wendy was her background singer. She's very plugged into Nashville though (plays at a lot of venues, in the studio a lot, at the opry etc). That said I wonder if Blake, or more likely Kara, mentioned Wendy to her at one of his recent shows.
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