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  1. Ryan Whyte Maloney and Kaleigh Glanton - a Rock singer vs a Pop/rock singer doing a country song
  2. Tayler Green vs Jules - they were nothing alike
  3. Girl Named Tom - Hailey Mia - Joshua Vacanti - Jershika Maple - Jim and Sasha - Wendy Moten - Paris Winningham - Lana Scott -
  4. What Hurts the Most: Andrea Thomas vs Micah Tryba (s12) ,Keisha Renee (s13),Megan Danielle (s18), Jeremy Rosado Because of You: Amy Whitcomb (s4) ,Mia Boostrom vs Genesis Diaz (s14) ,Abby Cates (s15),Holly Forbes What Is Love: Shalyah Fearing (s10) ,Jershika Maple
  5. What About S19 and S18 if the knockout Steals switched and it still was a top 9 S19 Kelly Sid Kingsley Madeline Consoer John Holliday Tanner Gomes John Tamara Jade Bailey Rae Carter Rubin Cami Clune Gwen Payge Turner Worth The Wait Joseph Soul Chloe Hogan Blake Ben Allen DeSz Jim Ranger Ian Flanigan Would John Win with Carter then? S18 Kelly CammWess Micah Iverson Mandi Thomas Toneisha Harris Nick Roderick Chambers Mandi Castillo Arei Moon Allegra Miles John Megan Danielle Mike Jerel Joanna Serenko Thunderstorm Artis Blake Joei Fulco Todd Tilghman Zan Fiskum Cedrice How would the formats work with these teams
  6. Jeremy said his next song is good for the semifinals and he's gonna sing his heart out so its probably a ballad
  7. Last Dance: Autumn Turner (s12) , Holly Forbes Jolene: Vicci Martinez (S1),Cody Belew (S3),Taylor John Williams vs Amanda Lee Peers (S7),Wendy Moten Ain´t It Fun: Tess Boyer (s6),Jershika Maple The One That Got Away: Sylvia Yacoub (s3) ,Jordan Pruitt (s3),Lana Scott If I Ain´t Got You: Sonia Rao (s1), Lily Elise (s1), Jesse Campbell vs Anthony Evans (s2), Nicole Nelson (s3) ,Melissa Jimenez (s6), Elyjuh Rene vs Maiya Sykes (s7),Viktor Kiraly (s9),Lauren Diaz (s11),Chris Blue with Vanessa Ferguson (s12) ,Hannah Goebel (s14),Lynnea Moorer (s15),Alex Guthrie (s17),Joshua Vacanti Stay: Amber Carrington (s4),Tanner Linford (s6),Alessandra Castronova vs Joe Kirk (s7),India Carney vs Clinton Washington (s8),Nick Hagelin (s10),Maelyn Jarmon (s16),Alex Guthrie (s17),Thunderstorm Artis vs Cedrice (s18),Jordan Matthew Young (s20),Jim and Sasha Allen Amazed: Ryan Jirovec (s3),Brian Johnson (s8),Theron Early (s10),Adam Cunningham (s13),Kaleb Lee (s14),Dave Fenley (s15),Jake Hoot (s17),Paris Winningham Peter Pan: Jackie Verna (s14),Hailey Mia Viva La Vida: Chris Mann (s2),Jessica Crosbie (s10),Girl Named Tom These are the only seasons that these songs haven't been done in: 5,19,
  8. omg maybe this is the voting from who got the most votes since hailey is at the end. they are probably trying to pimp her more
  9. What about in s20 if they switched and had a top 9 Team Kelly Ryleigh Modig Anna Grace Kenzie Wheeler Rachel Mac Team Nick Zae Romeo Pete Mroz Dana Monique Jose Figueroa Jr. Team John Pia Renee Corey Ward Victor Solomon Zania Alake Team Blake Jordan Matthew Young Gihanna Zoe Cam Anthony Andrew Marshall
  10. What if the knockout steals switched Team Kelly Holly Jeremy Raquel Hailey Gymani Team John Joshua Paris Ryleigh Shadale Samuel Team Ariana GNT Katie Bella David Jim and Sasha Allen Team Blake Peedy Jershika Wendy Lana LiBianca
  11. How many Times everyone's song was done before the show GNT - 2 Jeremy - 0 Hailey - 1 Jershika - 1 Joshua - 12 Holly - 1 Jim and Sasha - 9 Wendy - 3 Paris - 7 Lana - 2
  12. i mean thats why i did the song library so people know who has sung the songs
  13. Could this be the order GNT Paris Joshua Holly Jeremy Wendy Jershika Hailey Lana Jim and Sasha
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