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  1. Technically s7, Danica ended it but they had a wildcard S13 - Noah Mac S16 - Shawn Sounds S20 - Gihanna Zoe
  2. yea it took me almost 5-6 months tbh. But tbh I like using it as a resource
  3. ACtually 4 times S14 - Gary Edwards - Playoffs S15 - Funsho - Audition S18 - Arei Moon - Playoffs S19 - JusJon - Knockout
  4. that's a great guess but what song hasn't been done? maybe When Doves Cry
  5. I feel like its an older song since he doesn't wanna do newer songs since he's trying to keep older R&B alive
  6. Ryan Whyte Maloney and Kaleigh Glanton - a Rock singer vs a Pop/rock singer doing a country song
  7. Tayler Green vs Jules - they were nothing alike
  8. Girl Named Tom - Hailey Mia - Joshua Vacanti - Jershika Maple - Jim and Sasha - Wendy Moten - Paris Winningham - Lana Scott -
  9. What Hurts the Most: Andrea Thomas vs Micah Tryba (s12) ,Keisha Renee (s13),Megan Danielle (s18), Jeremy Rosado Because of You: Amy Whitcomb (s4) ,Mia Boostrom vs Genesis Diaz (s14) ,Abby Cates (s15),Holly Forbes What Is Love: Shalyah Fearing (s10) ,Jershika Maple
  10. What About S19 and S18 if the knockout Steals switched and it still was a top 9 S19 Kelly Sid Kingsley Madeline Consoer John Holliday Tanner Gomes John Tamara Jade Bailey Rae Carter Rubin Cami Clune Gwen Payge Turner Worth The Wait Joseph Soul Chloe Hogan Blake Ben Allen DeSz Jim Ranger Ian Flanigan Would John Win with Carter then? S18 Kelly CammWess Micah Iverson Mandi Thomas Toneisha Harris Nick Roderick Chambers Mandi Castillo Arei Moon Allegra Miles John Megan Danielle Mike Jerel Joanna Serenko Thunderstorm Artis Blake Joei Fulco Todd Tilghman Zan Fiskum Cedrice How would the formats work with these teams
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