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  1. I will include all finalists that made top 3/4/ or 5. I'm gonna rewatch all their journey's now and will have clues out by tomorrow.
  2. That's like saying Jeremy Rosado shouldn't have auditiioned for the Voice this year even tho he was on idol
  3. O Holy Night: Jeffrey Austin (s9),Brooke Simpson (s13),Jershika Maple with John Legend Just a Fool: Ashley DuBose vs Justin Blake (s5),Wendy Moten and Blake Shelton
  4. Me and Mrs. Jones: Noah Lis (s6) ,Barry Minniefield (s8) ,Austin Giorgio vs Brett Hunter (s14) ,Darious Lyles (s18),Paris Winningham The Chain: Tawnya Reynolds vs Mark Andrew (s4),Brittany Kennell vs Trey O'Dell (s10),Chloe Kohanski (s13),Celia Babini (s16),Cali Wilson (s17), Rachel Mac (s20),Girl Named Tom I´m Goin´ Down: Sera Hill (s2),Taylor Beckham (s4),Sonic (s8),Janice Freeman (s13),Rayshun LaMarr (s14),Katie Kadan (s17),Jershika Maple How Will I Know: Paxton Ingram (s10),Allegra Miles vs Michael Williams (s18),EmmaLee (s19), Wendy Moten Idontwannabeyouanymore: Celia Babini (s16) ,Chelle (s18), Hailey Mia Ain´t Nobody: Gedina (s3),Sa'Rayah (s11),Terrence Cunningham (s14) ,Patrique Fortson (s15),Paris Winningham Baby Now That I've Found You: Andrea Thomas (s12) ,Hannah Blaylock (s15),Girl Named Tom Rolling in the Deep: Angela Wolff (s1),Vicci Martinez (s1), Kim Yarborough (s2),Bria Kelly (s6),Hannah Huston (s10),Katie Kadan(s17),Jershika Maple Over the Rainbow: Nicholas David (s3),Matt McAndrew (s7),India Carney (s8), Wendy Moten
  5. Hailey Upbeat - deja vu by Olivia Rodrigo Hailey Ballad - idon'twannabeyouanymore by Billie Eilish GNT Upbeat - The Chain by Fleetwood Mac GNT Ballad - Baby Now That I've Found You by Allison Krauss Jershika Upbeat - Rolling in the Deep by Adele Jershika Ballad - I'm Goin Down by Mary J Blige Paris Upbeat - Ain't Nobody by Chaka Khan Paris Ballad - Me and Mrs Jones by Billy Paul Wendy Upbeat - How Will I Know by Whitney Houston Wendy Ballad - Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland
  6. Bella has a new song coming out tomorrow and Season 1 contestant Raquel Castro helped her write the song
  7. Yea someone has. it was a no chair turn in s12
  8. Ones that both made Top 12 Trevin and Amanda - S3 Amber and Sasha - s4 James and Will - s5 Jonny and Cole - s5 Matthew and Will - s5 Bria and Tess - s6 Jake and Tess - s6 Delvin and Josh - s6 Ryan and Jessie - s7 Anita and Craig - s7 Brian and Joshua - s8 Kimberly and Koryn - s8 Madi and Amy - s9 Emily and Shalyah -s10 Aaron and Sa'Rayah - s11 Sundance and Josh - s11 - Finale Lauren and Brennley - s12 Keisha and Noah - s13 Ashland and Chloe - s13 DR King and Jackie - s14 Pryor and Kaleb - s14 Chevel and Sarah - s15 Gyth and Rod - s16 Maelyn and Rod - s16 Oliv and Celia - s16 Katie and Max - s17 Ricky and Joana -s17 Megan and Camm - s18 Zan and Joanna - s18 John and Cami - s19 Jeremy and Jershika - s21 GNT and Holly - s21 Jershika and Paris - s21
  9. My Heart Will Go On: Sylvia Yacoub (s3) ,Felicia Temple (s12),Joshua Vacanti Rich Girl: Cole Vosbury (s5) ,Luke Wade (s7),Abby Celso (s10),Joanna Serenko (s18), Jim and Sasha Allen Break Every Chain: Paxton Ingram (s10),Kymberli Joye (s15),Jose Figueroa Jr. (s20),Jershika Maple
  10. Don´t Let The Sun Go Down On Me: Jeff Jenkins vs Casey Desmond (s1), Mycle Wastman (s3),Shane Simon (s4),Sisaundra Lewis (s6),Damien with Adam Levine (s7),Jack Cassidy (s12),Jershika Maple Something in the Water: Celeste Betton (s9),Mary Sarah (s10),Lana Scott Change the World: Nick Hagelin (S10) ,Pryor Baird (s14),Wendy Moten with Paris Winningham Someone You Loved: Matthew McQueen (s18),Micah Iverson vs GiGi Hess (s18),Lain Roy (s19),Gihanna Zoe (s20),Hailey Mia Hold My Hand: Mitchell Lee (s13),Jim and Sasha with Lana Scott River: Alisan Porter (s10) ,Brennley Brown (s12) ,Girl Named Tom You're All I Need To Get By: Simone Gundy vs JSOUL (s11) ,Casme vs Rio Souma (s19),Wendy Moten
  11. MY final predictions of duets GNT and Wendy J&S and Joshua Lana and Hailey Paris and Jershika
  12. Times their song has been done GNT - 2 - S10 and S12 Hailey - 4 - S17,s18,s19,s20 Joshua - 0 Jershika - 6 - S1, S3,S4, S6, S7, S12 J&S - 0 Wendy - 2 - S11 and S19 Lana - 2 - S9, S10 Paris - 0
  13. i'm surprised no gospel this round. Also i think mostly new songs except for GNT, Hailey, Jershika, Wendy, Lana
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