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  1. Three full albums (or 4 if you count the Voice compilation). Two special edition albums. And now a new EP and another possible Christmas album. I thought Voice winners never released anything. Someone should tell Jordan he is doing it wrong
  2. Jordan has a new official website www.therealjordansmith.com
  3. Also Chandelier too bad it doesn’t have the bazillion views the ordinal had
  4. The official Voice channel has Jordan’s “Somebody to Love” back up under a “Best of the Voice” banner.
  5. Jordan performed with his college vocal group recently
  6. Anyone have the Hannah Huston image when she got voted through to the finals?
  7. Jordan will be performing in Michael Smith’s Christmas special on Dec 11 on TBN.
  8. I bought the single even though I don’t want to play holiday music before Thanksgiving. I wonder if Jordan wrote the Glory Be parts of it? I also noticed that Jordan’s previously recorded Christmas special was for sale too. Thats good because I had a hard time finding it when it played over the air. I really hope there is a new Christmas album out too.
  9. Jordan Smith: ‘Tis the Season Holiday Special by Jordan Smith

  10. A modern twist on a classic carol. Jordan sounds great as always!
  11. LOL. I am definitely not a Sawyer stan. There are songs of his i like but I find him a bit monotonous at times too. If you want spin you should listen to what the coaches said after that performance. "yeah you missed that note ... but you missed it so well!"
  12. If you are talking about Sawyer's "Imagine" performance, I don't think he forgot the words, I think he realized he couldn't hit the right note. Maybe due to the fact his voice was still changing? It happens. It wasn't a bad performance but not great either.
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