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  1. Jordan has a new official website www.therealjordansmith.com
  2. Also Chandelier too bad it doesn’t have the bazillion views the ordinal had
  3. The official Voice channel has Jordan’s “Somebody to Love” back up under a “Best of the Voice” banner.
  4. Jordan performed with his college vocal group recently
  5. Anyone have the Hannah Huston image when she got voted through to the finals?
  6. Jordan will be performing in Michael Smith’s Christmas special on Dec 11 on TBN.
  7. I bought the single even though I don’t want to play holiday music before Thanksgiving. I wonder if Jordan wrote the Glory Be parts of it? I also noticed that Jordan’s previously recorded Christmas special was for sale too. Thats good because I had a hard time finding it when it played over the air. I really hope there is a new Christmas album out too.
  8. Jordan Smith: ‘Tis the Season Holiday Special by Jordan Smith

  9. A modern twist on a classic carol. Jordan sounds great as always!
  10. LOL. I am definitely not a Sawyer stan. There are songs of his i like but I find him a bit monotonous at times too. If you want spin you should listen to what the coaches said after that performance. "yeah you missed that note ... but you missed it so well!"
  11. If you are talking about Sawyer's "Imagine" performance, I don't think he forgot the words, I think he realized he couldn't hit the right note. Maybe due to the fact his voice was still changing? It happens. It wasn't a bad performance but not great either.
  12. I thought about it but since most of IDF is only lukewarm on the best winner ever I figured my time is better spent elsewhere. I saved most of the content from the landing page somewhere to my hard drive so if someone else wants to become keeper of page I would gladly pass the torch and give them the content I have. To be honest I am pretty much done with NBC at this point.
  13. Jordan and Republic have parted ways. Hey at least he got a few albums out of them. He is now with Provident Label Group which is a division of Sony. Provident is the label many of the top Christian musical artists belong too so it's a perfect fit for Jordan. Here is a link to his new mailing list https://forms.sonymusicfans.com/campaign/jordan-smith-email-list-sign-up/ oh yeah one more thing ... NEW CHRISTMAS SINGLE OUT THIS FRIDAY!!! Please let there be a new album too!
  14. Jeffery himself said that his battle performance was bad even though he won it and he was thankful it was montaged. But since the audience didn't get to see it I guess he gets a pass.
  15. When he (briefly) toured he invited her onstage in Atlanta to perform with him. They seemed to actually be friends
  16. I agree it probably would be over a million by now. I dont know if Jordan would have remained on top because of the circumstances surrounding her death. It's ghoulish but it would have driven a lot of traffic to her videos. I think the viral nature of Jordan's audition puts him safely in the leader position for the "Official" Voice channel's most viewed audition for the foreseeable future. They have tried to replicate it a couple of times (like with Kim Cherry's "no-see" audition) but it hasn't happened In the end though its pretty meaningless as to who had the most views on xyz video. Just support the artists you like.
  17. I’d say I’m more indifferent to him that actually disliking him but Sawyer’s MOCS was pretty great. The rest of his performances were kind of ho hum except for Take Me to the River which was hysterical.
  18. This is the total before they took it down in 2017.
  19. I remember her appearing on the show A few years ago about the time of her grammy nomination. The show also made a youtube promo for it.
  20. You don't owe an explanation to anyone on this board in my opinion. Most of them can’t even recognize their own biases much less admit to them. And they seem to really dislike dissenting opinions.
  21. I remember Adam sounding AWFUL on this performance. I think he was sick. But he got to live out his Beach Boys fantasy with Jordan in the finale that season and sounded much better.
  22. One of my favorites is “Ashes” the song he co-wrote and that Celine Dion sang for the movie DeadPool 2. In the Supercut extended version they use Jordan’s version in place of “Take On Me” in one of the final scenes and it is honestly so much better. https://youtu.be/UROxfgl95KE
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