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  1. i'd die if a phoebe bridgers/lucy dacus/julien baker song was covered lol
  2. daily reminder to stan gwen stefani regardless of her coaching decisions. anyways going thru the OP, im the most hyped for julia right now. alaska is an incredible song so i already gravitated towards her from that alone LOL but i listened to her trouble cover on instagram and it was so amazing, i love her tone sm
  3. 1. The 1 2. Betty 3. Exile 4. Cardigan 5. My Tears Ricochet 6. Mirrorball 7. The Last Great American Dynasty 8. Illicit Affairs 9. August 10. Invisible String 11. Epiphany 12. Mad Woman 13. Seven 14. Hoax 15. This Is Me Trying 16. Peace rankings atm but they change everyday anyways
  4. idk if this is unpop or not but this is actually such a stacked t9... there's no one i actively dislike, i wish we could've had a full season + a decent format w/ this cast
  5. gossip girl deserved better .
  6. i absolutely adored the arrangement & the bridge spin was so good, she's lowkey giving me celia vibes but i think this is my favourite performance of hers LMAO
  7. anyways, i'm excited for jacob and samantha this season
  8. I know that some of the subforums got deleted because of the whole data outage situation, so I was wondering if they are going to come back? Specifically the Idol Games subforum, because that was such a huge part of my Idolforums experience. Thanks in advance!
  10. basically because her sound is evolving and she thinks her fans that she gained from The Voice are a bit too toxic and demanding
  11. CONGRATULATIONS TO CHLOE KOHANSKI THE SEASON 13 THE VOICE WINNER welcome to the fan thread "very emotional girl" QUOTETheir combined ages barely exceeds the age of one member of the Rolling Stones, yet when Cumberland Blue performs suddenly age, musical labels and everything else dissolves into a formidable wall of sound unlike anything else in contemporary music. Their unique blues/rock vibe is captured on the band’s debut EP Awakening. The six-piece band calls Nashville home, but like Jack White, King of Leon and Sheryl Crow, Cumberland Blue is expanding the pe
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