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  1. I should probably message JC.
  2. If I had the time and energy my Jenna write up would have been a 30-chapter novel. My favorite comedy TV character ever and an absolute legend.
  3. I’ll advance So Happy I Could Die for my third pick!
  4. Easily her second best album after TFM!
  5. Oh and this is officially a Silky Nutmeg Ganache stan account
  6. Top tier season! 1. Ra'Jah - She paused for 5 seconds once, so she fumbled...? I thought she delivered her monologue with more personality than a couple of the other queens, so I think she was far from the worst this week. She also looked STUNNING on the runway and is truly an inspiration for making every single one of her outfits. Let those judges know sis! 2. Eureka! - Fully deserved her win and it has been a pleasure seeing Eureka be much more likable and easy going this season. Her thanking Trinity for flirting with her all season long made me really emotional. 3. Kylie - Kylie gave a really great monologue and I connected with her a lot this week! 4. Trinity - It was her time Though I would have been happy to see Trinity in the top 4, and I think the top 5 was pretty evenly matched all around. What a season for this queen. 5. Ginger - Wouldn't be at all surprised if Ginger takes home the crown, and it would definitely be deserved. Having said that she gave my least favorite monologue this week so I am ranking her last solely for that reason.
  7. Advancing these two to penultimate round: And advancing these five to the next round: Hair Bad Kids Monster Dope Cheek to Cheek
  8. Can I move Alejandro to the penultimate round?
  9. Can I advance Speechless to the penultimate round? Along with Alejandro
  10. I’m happy with this top 10 I’d switch about 3 or 4 of them for Cerie but overall we did great!
  11. Avery is a fun character but not worthy of being in the top 10 especially with Frank and Pete already out.
  12. True but if Aubry had gone then we can’t assume the Michele/Joe situation would have happened…the rabbit hole gets deeper lol
  13. Also let’s be real - if Neal wasn’t medevac’ed when he was, Aubry was likely toast at the merge.
  14. I disagree that she was invisible because they went out of their way to show Michele as a player since day one. I just don’t think she had much agency or sway in the way the game went down until the very end. She’s just a social player and it’s hard to show on TV how a good social player dominates the game. (Which is kind of how she is in her second season too, but in a much more fun way). So I understand why you didn’t vibe with her! I just think you have her too low lol.
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