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  1. @1234567890 can I send Taylor's In The Ghetto to round 4? Other performances: Kellie Picker - Unchained Melody Taylor Hicks - Try A Little Tenderness Taylor Hicks - Levon Paris Bennett - Work It Out Elliott Yamin - On Broadway (slim pickings left, man)
  2. Well Victoria and Tom sent my first two picks to round 4 so I will have to come back and decide later
  3. @Alex95 yes for S5. I’ll sign up for everything through 12 now! also @ your Alone write-up!
  4. The only later seasons character worth a damn: Erin
  5. I mean I did just say this a couple of weeks ago...
  6. I’ll do 30 Rock since I think more people would know that show!
  7. Would anyone besides @Alex95participate in Bojack Horseman?
  8. My opinion on Kandy has gone back and forth so many times lol...Overall ranking (as of now, Rose & Symone are pretty neck and neck and looking back Symone's run is growing on me as we speak): 1. Denali - I enjoy her style of drag and what she brought to the show the most 2. Rosé 3. Symone 4. Utica 5. Tamisha Iman 6. LaLa Ri 7. Gottmik 8. Elliott with Two T's 9. Kahmora Hall 10. Kandy Muse 11. Olivia Lux 12. Joey Jay 13. Tina Burner
  9. You wouldn’t be the only one! #TeamSerenityByJan
  10. Natalie almost had it! It would have been iconic if her role won as I was the one who suggested her round and didn’t even vote in the finals Heath is a very deserving winner!
  11. I don’t think I’m going to have time to do this
  12. Rooting for Natalie Portman/Black Swan to take this
  13. Okay but that’s what y’all get for picking Easy A as her best performance
  14. Ive definitely listened to these songs!
  15. Man I should have gotten in my rankings but why is everyone so anti-Will Smith? He’s definitely one of the weaker actors here but Fresh Prince is a more iconic role than anything that has shown up so far.
  16. I’ve been ridiculously busy, sorry for missing the deadline. I can have in my rankings within like 3 hours but if you need to move forward I totally understand
  17. I don’t think Laila was THAT bad in I Will Survive. the lipsync was certainly better than No Scrubs imo
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