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  1. I feel like Iman escapes the bottom 3 thanks to both his scores and the casuals probably liking him and Cody lands there instead.
  2. As ridiculous as the scoring was tonight, 5 of the girls still bested all the guys on the overall leaderboard.
  3. See what happens when you give the couple an appropriate song for a Ballroom dance, show? It's not that hard.
  4. Jazz choreography is not a strong suit of the Chmerkovskiy brothers.
  5. THIS I think I'd like her more if the judges didn't overrate her.
  6. Him improving does not mean he should be getting 8's when they're also giving JoJo 8's.
  7. PLEASE. As annoying as his refusal to give great dances 10's is, at least he is actually harsh and critical of the bad dancers.
  8. Goes without saying that those 8's are too high, but I'm just glad that they didn't pull out the 9's for that.
  9. And they wonder why they are announcing the elimination as the credits roll.
  10. I mean, 6's and 7's are closer to how Brian should be scored than giving like Iman and The Miz 9's when they should be getting 7's
  11. Well, we all do. They still need to score the other males realistically.
  12. See judges, it's not that hard to score a male celeb realistically.
  13. I'm really puzzled by this "THE MEN ARE KILLING IT" narrative tonight when the women have been consistently wiping the floor with them all season long, including tonight.
  14. "The men are on fire tonight" Clearly CAI is watching a different show than the rest of us.
  15. Melora continuing to mess up all our predictions with her unexpectedly high scores.
  16. Thank you Len for being realistic with your scoring. The way the other 3 were talking and scoring him, you'd think they have never seen a male athlete lift his female pro during a dance before.
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