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Who Won The KO Part 2: S25 Edition


Who Won The KO Part 2: S25 Edition  

28 members have voted

  1. 1. Asher HaVon vs Tae Lewis

    • Asher HaVon
    • Tae Lewis
  2. 2. Dani Stacey vs Serenity Arce

    • Dani Stacey
    • Serenity Arce
  3. 3. Josh Sanders vs Ashley Bryant

    • Josh Sanders
    • Ashley Bryant

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1) Asher, even if Tae did a good job. But Asher was phenomenal. 

2) Dani literally murdered Serenity here. It wasn't even close. Chance chancing again, what's new ? 

3) Both did good imo, Josh had the slight edge here. 

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