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American Idol Season 21 Episode #6 - Fave Auditions Poll


American Idol Season 21 Episode #6 - Fave Auditions Poll  

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  1. 1. Who was your favorite from tonight's final episode of auditions?

    • Kaeyra - Cold
    • Elise Kristine - (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman
    • Sarah Mac - Stone Cold
    • Jayna Elise - Who Wants To Live Forever
    • Nate Peck - Lighting Strikes Again
    • Mikenley Brown - Love On The Brain
    • Issac Brown - Golden Hour/Essence
    • Cam Amen - Hallelujah
    • Sierra Harris - Barracuda/Firework
    • Phil Kane - Osage County
    • Fire Wilmore - Love In The Dark
    • Kaya Stewart - This Tattoo
    • Oliver Steele - In My Life/Change The World

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As promised here are my rankings of the auditions from the final audition round:


1.  Kaeyra -- she was my favorite of this round of auditions.

2.  Oliver -- the best of the guys.

3. Elise -- the best of the ones whose auditions were montaged.

4.  Cam -- a little surprised that he got the Platinum Ticket, but he did very well.

5.  Jayna -- second-best of the singers who were montaged.

6.  Mikenly -- glad that she overcame her eating disorder.

7.  Isaac -- he was in the middle of the pack for me.

8.  Fire -- I'm glad that she got to go to Hollywood, but she's not going to get any farther, sad to say.

9.  Sarah -- the worst of the three who had their auditions montaged.

10.  Kaya -- she's a fine performer, but there are so many other fine performers out there.

11.  Phil -- a good songwriter, but I've seen far better singers than him.

12.  Sierra -- well, at least she didn't sing "Alone" but "Barracuda" isn't a much better choice.  Did better with "Firework", however.  I think she's a goner in Hollywood Week.

13.  Nate -- his voice isn't my cup of tea at all!

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