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  1. I didn’t like Cani at all. I thought her rendition was quite bad
  2. For a musician Nelly really can’t move. He was overscored.
  3. I just don't think any season will surpass season 2 for me. The contestants were regular people, the production had no bandzilla.All the worn out songs idol does were new then and I really enjoyed the group numbers and medleys. The voices blended well. The show was just beginning to act likea juggernaut. There were actual water-cooler discussions in the workplace. Then you had the whole Ruben vs. Clay drama, and the voting scandal. It really got me back into going to live concerts (Idol and others). It was so much fun meeting Idols and fans and holding up signs. Made a lot of friends and
  4. That Beauty and the Beast was pretty rough. What are these judges talking about?
  5. I joined IDF 17 years ago today. 💋I always would go down memory lane on my anniversary so I especially miss all the old posts today.😪

  6. Hi - I came across an archived forum post from many years ago, in which you discussed music from Christina Christian's MySpace page. I've been curious to hear songs released by Idol's season 1 finalists, and so I've been trying to track down Christina Christian's music, but most of it has disappeared from the internet. I know that this is a long shot, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to message you and see if you ever downloaded any of Christian's music?


    I'm also looking for lost songs by Ryan Starr if you happen to have any of those. Since these were all released freely on MySpace, I assume that there aren't any legal restrictions on sharing them or re-uploading them to YouTube. Let me know if you can help out! 

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    2. v-streamer


      I have 5 mp3s from Christina Christian's AI1 run. I have 4 from Ryan Starr on Idol and her My Religion single.I don't seem to have any other non-idol music from them. Would these interest you?

    3. Jpcase


      Hi - thank you for the response! The 5 mp3s for Christina Christian and the three for Starr (other than "My Religion") are performances that they did on Idol? If so, then that's not quite what I'm after, but thank you for looking! I'm just trying to find songs that were recorded after Idol. "My Religion" is already on YouTube, but it's the only one of Starr's original songs available anywhere, and I know that she had at least six others. So I'll keep looking! 🙂

    4. v-streamer


      Sorry I couldn't be of help

  7. Repeating songs done by Constantine and Kelly
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