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Niall and Chance debut


Chance and Niall Debut  

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I, honestly, really like them. I'm enjoying both of them a lot.


One thing I find annoying tho, and that's Chance saying to every single person he turns his chair for, that if you wanna win, come and join TC.


Other than that, they both are really great.

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I've enjoyed Chance on the show so far! I admittedly know basically nothing about him, apart from the fact that he was in a KitKat commercial once, but I like that he's a bit more reserved and thoughtful like Alicia was. 


Niall does nothing for me. He's like Nick 2.0 but less interesting and with music I dislike even more. I mean, Nick was bad enough, I don't know why we had to find a second one...


I like them both more than Camila though.

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