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Season 4 Battle/KO Poll


Who did you prefer?  

17 members have voted

  1. 1. [Battle] "Try"

    • Sasha Allen
    • Amber Carrington
  2. 2. [Battle] "Put Your Records On"

    • Danielle Bradbery
    • Caroline Glaser
  3. 3. [KO]

    • Amy Whitcomb - "House of The Rising Sun"
    • Caroline Glaser - "Little Talks"

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Sasha (A) vs Amber (B+)

Nothing really wrong with Amber here, I just thought Sasha was better. Preferred Amber's run overall though.


Danielle (A-) vs Caroline (B-)

Caroline maybe had the more unique tone, but to my ears Danielle's vocals were easily stronger.


Amy (C) vs Caroline (D+)

Yeah, this one was hard for me only in virtue of the fact that they were both pretty rough lol. Don't kill me for those grades, Amy did have some cool stuff in there, but overall needed to dial it back by like, 75% lol. I get it's a knockout but to my ear, there were just as many off moments as on ones. Caroline was all over the place, and for me that song choice was a clear mistake, she should've at least rearranged it or stripped it down. Based on that performance I'd choose Amy, although I can see the overall preference for Caroline.

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On 2/1/2023 at 7:34 PM, ikwonic said:

WTF no other votes for Caroline in the battles? She destroyed Danielle IMO. Amy put Caroline to rest in the KOs though. Caroline was a more interesting singer, but Amy was definitely robbed.


Guessing the rest of us heard it a little differently.  

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