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If Adam was still on the show since season 17, who would choose him as a coach?


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There have been  a few "Team Adam material" contestants since he left, but no clue if they would have actually chosen him. 


Liam St John, Nelson Cade III, TMH, Thunderstorm, Ryan Berg, and Sid Kingsley are people he most likely would have really been into, knowing his style. Maybe Jordan Matthew Young too, although he might be too country for him. We know he didn´t really dig the country males, he just wanted to beat Blake with them (and he never did).



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So I looked at the comment section, and see someone comments like Ryleigh Modig should be on Team Adam if he was still on the show, and he would pull an Addison Agen and a Reagan Strange and sack a member from his Top 3 just for her

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20 minutes ago, Ottoxxx said:

I was left confused

I'm genuinely confused at your post. Sorry, i don't understand what you are trying to say 


EDIT: Ok, maybe is as simple as saying that she would be Adam's favorite and his frontrunner overall. Yeah, i think Adam would have loved her but i don't think see her picking him at any point 


But that part "Sack a member of his Top 3" confuses me. You mean, as in...robegate?? That doesn't make sense. I'm gonna assume the person that made that comment think she would make Adam's Top 3 (Top 2 with the short format) no matter what, due to the fact that he probably would have loved her. 


Yes, i realize that i made this a lot more complicated than it actually is. Don't judge me lol

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Girl Named Tom

Katie Rae

Kinsey Rose

Carolina Alonso


Hailey Mia

Jeremy Rosado

Bella DeNapoli

Cunningham Sisters

Ryleigh Plank

Xavier Cornell

Parker McKay


John 10/12

Jonathan Mouton

Vaughn Mugol

Joshua Vacanti

Paris Winningham

Raquel Trinidad

Samara Brown

Janora Brown

Jershika Maple

Sabrina Dias

Sophia Bromberg


Aaron Hines




Peedy Chavis

Jack Rogan

Samuel Harness

Chavon Rodgers

Hailey Green

Jim & Sasha

Keilah Grace

Holly Forbes

David Vogel

KJ Jennings

Wyatt Michael



Blake 11/12

Katherine Ann Mohler

Wendy Moten

Lana Scott

The Joy Reunion

Carson Peters

Kaitlyn Velez

Berritt Haynes

Clint Sherman

Manny Keith


Tommy Edwards

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Kenzie Wheeler

Zae Romeo

Ryleigh Modig

Halley Greg

Gihanna Zoe

Gean Garcia

JD Caspar

Zania Alake





Dana Monique

Christine Cain

Victor Solomon

Carolina Rial

Pia Renee

Ciana Pelekai

Jose Figueroa Jr.

Durell Anthony

Deion Warren

Rio Doyle



Pete Mroz

Devan Blake Jones

Raine Stern

Corey Ward

Andrew Marshall

Connor Christian

Bradley Sinclair

Savanna Woods

Rachel Mac

Jordan Matthew Young 



Cam Anthony

Aaron Konzelmann

Ethan Lively

Emma Caroline

Avery Roberson

Lindsay Joan 

Denisha Dalton

Keegan Ferrell

Savanna Chestnut

Anna Grace


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