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What would have happened if Season 18 had a normal PO's format with 2 PV's? (Assuming 4WKO contestants are part of the Top 5 of each Team)


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Which contestants would have gotten PV? 

Which contestants would have gotten CS? 

Which contestants would have been on the WC? 

Who would have won the WC? 


Team Blake: 

Todd Tilghman 

Toneisha Harris 

Joei Fulco 

Joanna Serenko   

Todd Tilghman


Team Legend:

Zan Fiskum 

Mike Jerel 

Mandi Castillo 


Nelson Cade III 


Team Nick 

Allegra Miles 

Arei Moon 

Roderick Chambers 

Thunderstorm Artis 

Michael Williams 


Team Kelly:

Mandi Thomas

Megan Danielle 

Micah Iverson 


Samantha Howell


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PVs: Micah and Megan

CS: Probably Cedrice



PVs: Thunderstorm and Allegra

CS: Michael



PVs: CammWess and Zan

CS: Mandi C



PVs: Todd T and Toneisha

CS: Joei, probably. I'm not sure Blake would have taken Joanna, given that she was a steal.

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Team John:

PV: Cam, Zan 

CS: Mandi 

WC: Mike 


Team Blake: 

PV: Todd, Toneisha 

CS: Joei 

WC: Joanna (winner) 


Team Nick

PV: Thunderstorm, Allegra 

CS: Arei

WC: Michael 


Team Kelly 

PV: Micah, Megan 

CS: Mandi 
WC: Cedrice 


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